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How to cook millet

Millet is a cereal that is still little used, despite the many beneficial properties it has and the fact that it does not contain gluten. It can be brought to the table cooking it as a risotto, a couscous, a soup, or as an ingredient in a salad

The mile it is an almost forgotten cereal, in favor of corn, wheat and rice: only in recent times is it returning to the tables, thanks also to the fact that it is gluten free and therefore suitable for coeliacs. In reality it is also a cereal rich in mineral salts and vitamins (B, E and K) and very versatile. The millet plant is from the Gramineae family and produces small round and yellow seeds, which ground give rise to flours and semolina, used for bread and bakery products.

The Pmillet roperty

In addition to having properties diuretic, millet is an alkaline cereal easy to digest and indicated, precisely because of this, in case of stomach acid. He is rich in insoluble fibers which help the intestinal transit of food and reduce the risk of gallstones.

Millet: how to cook

Millet can be cooked like a risotto, making it toast in a pan with a little oil and then adding some vegetable broth to finish cooking. In the same way it can be prepared a kind of couscous or again, you can add millet to broth and vegetables to make a tasty soup. Toasted and then cooked in water until it has completely absorbed it can be themain ingredient of a salad light and rich in vegetables.

Pan meino with millet, an ancient Lombard dessert

Millet was used until recently to make a bread that over time became a dessert because lightly sweetened. It was made with millet flour mixed with corn flour, on St. George's Day, April 23, at which time the elders flourished. It was customary to serve this bread sprinkled with elder flowers and the milkmen gave away cream to their customers to accompany this delicate dessert.

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