How to clean the coffee maker, dear friend of our breakfasts – Italian Cuisine

What is the object that never fails in an Italian's kitchen? Without a doubt, the moka.
Some advice to keep it always in good condition

How many times have you happened to prepare a really disgusting coffee with one coffeepot which you do not use every day and which you had stored for months on a shelf?
These contingencies usually happen when you have many guests at home and lots of coffee to do.
On these occasions the coffee pots that are never used are dusted off, those that live for many months a year in a kitchen shelf and that are pulled out as a joker when needed, but unfortunately they don't make good coffee.

The more coffee, the better!

The best coffee is undoubtedly the one made with the mocha that is used every day and the same is true with the espresso coffee from the bar. The more a machine is in operation, the more tasty, creamy and fragrant the coffee is.
But if we only have a new or a little used moka, then the first solution is to make a "test" coffee or to put it into operation only with water to remove any residues inside.

How to clean the coffee maker

If the coffee maker that we use every day remains in good condition precisely because it is always in operation, the others that we have at home and that we never use must be kept carefully to prevent them from being ruined.
If we have to put away a coffee maker knowing that we won't use it for a while first of all, let's wash it well to remove all the residues.
The best method to wash a moka pot, immerse all the pieces in boiling water with a spoonful of white vinegar.
Never use dish soap and never put it in the dishwasher.
Before closing it and place it somewhere in the kitchen, however, dry it very well with absorbent paper and place sugar cubes in each part of the moka that will absorb all the bad smells, or a few teaspoons of coffee. Sugar and coffee should be placed both in the jug, in the filter and in the part where the water is usually placed.

In any case, we advise you to follow our 5 tips to prepare an excellent coffee with mocha.

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