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Few tips to fully enjoy your every meal, discovering food with taste, but also with the eyes and the heart

Do you ever think about what you ate the night before or at lunch and don't remember it? And this certainly happens not because your meal was not very appealing, but because you didn't pay the right attention to what you were doing. Eating is one of the pleasures of life, but too often, thanks to the stressful lifestyle, the limited time available and the distractions that affect us, we cannot fully enjoy it. Eat with taste, however, you can, focusing on some small details that will make your meals a moment of true pleasure to live and rememberis.

Concentrate on what you are doing

As with any activity, the difference between enjoying it or not makes itcaution who is dedicated to what you are doing. For this reason, even in front of a good plate of spaghetti, the first thing to do is look at him, guessing its consistency and texture before even taking a bite, feeling its perfume and inebriating itself, imagining the feeling of well-being that each forkful will bring.


The position you take while eating

In your opinion, is sitting or standing eating the same thing? Certainly not, as evidenced by a study (Biswas, Szocs, & Abell, 2019) recently published by researchers from the University of South Florida, according to which even the posture it would condition the perception of our taste. And in particular, you would perceive the taste of sitting foods better. This is because staying upright involves a certain degree of stress and causes blood to flow more easily to the legs, forcing the heart to make an effort to bring blood back to the head, thus increasing the heart rate. This action would activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenaline (HPA) axis, raising the levels of cortisol within the body. And that would reduce sensory sensitivity also affecting the ability to evaluate the taste of food and drink. By sitting instead, our vestibular system, that of balance, would remain at rest, without giving rise to all the mechanisms described above and keeping the sensory capacities reactive and balanced. So know it, to fully enjoy your dishes, sit down!

The benefits of eating consciously

Eating with such attention presupposes the availability of much more time than that normally used. This fact contributes beyond to better enjoy every dish, to make the digestion of food, which are assimilated more slowly. In addition, when eating slowly and reaching satiety, the adipose tissues release a hormone called leptin, capable of warning the brain of the uselessness of taking other food. This avoids an overload of calories, for the happiness of the balance.

In the tutorial some more tips to enjoy your meal!

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