How strascinati are made, cousins ​​of orecchiette – Italian Cuisine

How strascinati are made, cousins ​​of orecchiette

Warning: they are not the same, in Puglia they care about the difference. Here is what it is and how to prepare them at home

What's better than fresh pasta home made? Meanwhile it is good: only top quality ingredients, which we all always have at home. Then it is funny: putting your hands in the dough is a relaxing and satisfying activity, creating something with your own hands always excites both adults and children. Okay, it takes time, but the result pays off any effort.

Today, for example, we propose strascinati: Have you ever heard about it? Type of pasta originating from Puglia and of Basilicata, is similar to orecchiette, but with a larger format. They are called so precisely because the fingers "drag" the piece of pasta, to give it the typical oblong and concave shape.

If you want to try your hand at preparing them, read the passages of the recipe below; in the gallery, however, you will find some advice on which ones condiments match to taste them at best.

How to make strascinati


To make strascinati at home, you need: 400 gr of durum wheat flour, warm water and salt to taste.


Form the flour fountain on the pastry board, slowly pour the lukewarm water into the crater, mixing for about a quarter of an hour, obtaining a smooth and homogeneous mixture. Leave the dough covered by a cotton cloth to rest for about half an hour. Then, remove the blocks from the mixture, from which with the help of your hands, you will create long snakes, which you will cut into pieces of 3 cm each. Now comes the fun part: take a small piece and with your index, middle and ring finger, drag it until it is completely spread out. Do not press too hard to avoid making holes in the dough. Before boiling them, the strascinati must be left to rest for a quarter of an hour. Then dip them in boiling water: when they rise to the surface, they are ready to be drained and served.

Now they must be seasoned: to find out which one sauce fits better with the strascinati, take a look at ours gallery!

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