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It is easy to say dates: there is not only one quality, and each is ideal for different preparations. Let's discover the secrets together

Winter is coming, the Christmas and on our tables appear i dates. Usually, the protagonists of Christmas baskets, are the fruit of the date palm, native to North Africa, of sugary taste and very fleshy pulp. They can be enjoyed both fresh and dried as healthy snacks, as they are rich in iron, vitamins and minerals. When you choose them, know that there is not a single variety of dates: a little below vade mecum not to buy the wrong and some council on how to taste them.


Originating from North Africa and the Middle East, the Medjoul dates are now also grown in Sicily and have a slightly larger size compared to other varieties. Excellent to be consumed raw, they are ideal for garnishing desserts or for making jams.

Deglet nour

One of the best-selling varieties in the world, Deglet nour have a very sweet taste, similar to caramel. They are perfect as an ingredient in biscuits, or as a side dish in salads, combined with smoked fish.

Fresh mazafati

The dates Mazafati have a brown color and a very fleshy pulp, almost chocolate-like flavor. Taste naturally, they can replace the dessert, due to the high concentration of sugars; otherwise they are ideal as an ingredient in a smoothie.

How to make Nutella with dates at home

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Fresh hayani

The fresh Hayani dates are one of the best-selling varieties in the world, and for this reason they are grown in all the warm areas. They have a very sugary taste, which can make them protagonists of cakes and desserts, but also of delicious appetizers. Try them in combination with swordfish: a delight!


Golden in color, the Kenta date has a maturity earlier than the other dates and also a less sweet taste, which makes it more sought after by fine palates. In Italy it is not widespread.


With a yellowish color, the Bahri dates are perfect as ingredients for sweet or savory preparations, but in particular they are excellent for producing syrups and jams.

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