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how many calories and how many fats

A lean and decidedly versatile food in the kitchen, chicken breast has many virtues: these are the most important

Grilled, grilled or in a pan. But also boiled or steamed. There are many ways in which a good can be prepared chicken breast keeping his most important unchanged nutritional values. Full of protein, with a very low quantity of fat and practically free of carbohydrates, the chicken breast is not by chance a recommended food for those who must follow a diet ipocalorico. But not only.

Nutritional values ​​of chicken breast, from vitamins to iron

It is a type of meat with a fair amount of B vitamins, niacin in particular, or vitamin B3. However, the quantities of vitamins are also important B1, B2, B5 and B6, also called pyridoxine and indicated above all, in the therapeutic field, against vomiting. The chicken breast also contains iron, phosphorus, zinc, sodium and small amounts of selenium, essential for counteract aging and useful for the balance of thyroid function. Virtually absent in chicken breast, on the other hand, sugar and fiber, while the cholesterol plays an almost marginal role, with its 60 mg every 100 grams. However, maintaining the skin the total cholesterol increase in chicken breast is about 30%. And it is precisely on this particular that it is necessary to open a separate chapter.

Better without skin

At the supermarket, in fact, it is not uncommon to find it packaged with leather, in fact, especially when sold whole. To preserve its dietary function and beneficial for our body it is important to remove the skin before cooking: the difference lies in the elimination of the lipid component contained in it. In other words, eating chicken breast with skin involves a substantial increase in triglycerides, that is of fats that, if present in high values ​​in the blood, represent a risk for the onset of cardiovascular and overweight diseases. Without skin, however, the chicken breast maintains its proverbial thinness. This process, however, is always necessary, except when preparing the food in question at grid, since the fat, in this case, is separated from the meat by fall.

To lose weight and more

Thanks to its virtues and its nutritional values ​​allied to health, chicken breast is one of the most used foods also in diets aimed at slimming, in addition to being frequently used in typical dietary regimes of the bodybuilding, both in the mass phase and in the definition phase. The important thing, apart from the purpose for which it is consumed, is not to consume it raw. The reason? Simple: some animals (in particular pigs and birds such as chicken, chicken or pigeon), are potential carriers of pathogens like parasites, bacteria and viruses.

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