How I convinced my daughter to love broccoli – Italian Cuisine

How I convinced my daughter to love broccoli

Broccoli is certainly one of the best vegetables. Versatile and tasty they are – unjustly – scorned by children but we mothers do not give up, the challenge is to find the right recipes to conquer their throat!

It may be due to their smell or to the slightly strange shape, or more simply to their greenish-green color, but all the children decide not to love broccoli. It's a great classic. And it's a shame because they are very rich in nutrients, contain very few calories and help keep bones strong and stimulate growth.

It is true that in the kitchen one must be inventive, especially if one is a parent, but our children make us do somersaults to create delicious dishes that deserve at least to be tasted. So we try to turn ourselves into star chefs and they, as ruthless judges, repay us instead by combining all the colors at the table in order not to eat the prepared meal. But how much patience do we have to have, every night, every day, to fight against their resistance by looking for ways to hide some healthy vegetables like broccoli for example? So much, I answer myself. This is why I looked for all the recipes that could in some way detract from my daughter's reticence and convince her, once and for all, that broccoli is good and has never harmed anyone!

To each his broccoli!

I discovered that there are many recipes that could easily convince children to eat broccoli. They are fantastic as a sauce for pasta, not just the orecchiette, but also i tagliolini with broccoli and clams, i garganelli with escarole cream, broccoli and culatello or a classic one broccoli pesto pasta. And for those who love the latter more, the tasty broccoli stew and curry potatoes, the baskets with artichokes, broccoli and potatoes, the broccoli and scamorza triangles, the cod with butter with broccoli and hazelnuts and i Baked broccoli with gratin béchamel.

How about? Do you want to bet that one of these recipes will also win your child, just like it happened with mine? I reveal you his favorite recipe, but at the end of the post though!

Recipes for children with broccoli

My daughter's favorite recipe

In my kitchen, simplicity has won and since I started preparing a tasty broccoli pesto following the recipe of La Cucina Italiana I can make my daughter eat a nice portion of broccoli every week. Mom 1 – Daughter 0, ball in the middle!

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