Homemade onion omelette | Salt and pepper – Italian Cuisine

Homemade onion omelette | Salt and pepper

A dish of peasant origin, rich and tasty, to cook in just a few minutes, try our onion omelette recipe.


Preparation of the homemade onion omelette

1) Peel 2 white onions, Cut them into slices and fry them over a moderate heat until they are slightly wilted, but not overcooked.

2) Then break the eggs in a bowl, add salt, pepper and some grated nutmeg and beat it lightly with a fork; add the onions, the parmesan grated and a tablespoon of parsley chopped and stir.

3) Grease a frying pan, preferably non-stick, about 22 cm in diameter, heat it, pour the mixture of eggs and onions, mix with a fork until it begins to thicken, then place a large lid on it and let the omelet thicken on one side. At this point tilt it over the lid, gently slide it into the pan and make it coagulate also on the other side.

4) Transfer the onion omelette on a serving plate and serve at the table.

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