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Homemade ice cream without ice cream maker? Very easy, the secret lies in a single ingredient that will allow you to prepare ice cream in a few minutes. Try the recipe by Emanuele Frigerio, pastry chef at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana

How do you do it prepare homemade ice cream without ice cream maker in the easiest and fastest way possible? The only thing to do is always have some frozen banana in the freezer!

That of banana ice cream it is a very easy technique, which allows you to obtain an exquisite frozen banana cream. The banana, in fact, contains very little water and greater pectin, a substance that allows you to "gelatify". With a frozen banana, even a little old, we can really make homemade ice cream creamy simply with the use of a mixer.

It is an ideal way to prepare one quick and healthy snack, but above all for recycle leftover fruit or that too much mature. Follow below our ice cream maker's recipe without ice cream maker Emanuele Frigerio and don't miss the advice to change it according to your taste!

Emanuele Frigerio's recipe for ice cream without ice cream maker

Emanuele Frigerio's recipe for making ice cream at home does not include sugar for sweetening, but i dates. The banana base is enriched with the taste of other fruit, in this case the strawberries!


80 g Banana (about half)
50 g Strawberries (about 3)
50 ml Milk
3 Dates


Freeze the banana and strawberries for a few hours in the freezer. Cut the fruit into small pieces and blend them together with the dates and milk, using a mixer with small pulses. Ice cream is ready to be enjoyed!

Homemade banana ice cream: the possibilities

The recipe of homemade ice cream can be modified according to the ingredients available or according to your tastes. First of all, to make sweet ice cream you can use it sugar or the honey.

Other types of fruit can also be added to the frozen banana base, such as i blueberries and the raspberries, but also peanut butter, caramel or even bits of avocado to color the ice cream green. You can also prepare the coffee ice creamby simply replacing milk with cold coffee.

homemade ice cream

And for those who just can't resist the call of ice cream aL chocolate? Here are some possibilities: you can add le banana to the ice cream chocolate chips, or add the ingredients to the recipe cocoa, but in this case you will have to add more liquid, about 5 grams of milk for each gram of cocoa.

A trick to improve consistency ice cream? Also freeze the cubed milk before blending!

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