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Homemade chocolate bars to dispose of Easter eggs

If you do not want to eat all the chocolate left, let us have chocolates or tablets to give away. that's how

Dispose of the Easter eggs it's simpler than it looks.
There are two solutions:
The solution for gourmands: eat them slowly
The solution for generous people: give them away, but recycle them and reinvent them in a creative way.
Such as? Just prepare some homemade tablets enriched with many ingredients.

How to melt chocolate

If you are not a master chocolatier and don't feel like it temper the chocolate, simply melt it in the microwave or in a bain-marie without adding water, milk or other liquids.
Avoid melting it directly in a saucepan on the stove because you risk burning it. It is very risky especially with the more delicate white chocolate, especially if it is not of excellent quality.
Always melt it gently and when it starts to become soft, move it away from the heat and mix it.

How to make chocolates

With melted chocolate you can make many Chocolates different.
Use the special silicone molds and enjoy creating the most original shapes.
You can too stuff them with cream inside of hazelnuts or pistachios, peanut butter or dulce de leche or with fruit like the classic cherry in spirits.
A fun and super-homemade way to make chocolates is to use the ice mold that is usually kept in the freezer. In cubes, instead of water, you can put chocolate. In this way you will get perfect chocolates, all the same.

Tablets for all tastes

Also to make chocolate bars there are stencils, but you can much more simply use the bottom of a mold for disposable plumcake made of aluminum.
You should not grease it or coat it with parchment paper because the chocolate will come off by itself once it is cold. Even with silicone molds you will get excellent results.
Once the melted chocolate is distributed on the bottom of the mold you can decorate it with whole hazelnuts or almonds or pistachios, or with the dried fruit like coconut flakes, raisins, cramberries or even candied fruit.
If you don't want to use the mold, simply pour the chocolate evenly onto a baking paper and let it solidify after enriching it as you prefer. More than tablets you will get so sheets, very beautiful to break roughly.

Bicolor chocolate

It is also very fun to combine different chocolates.
You can for example make a tablet with dark chocolate and white chocolate.
Just pour the first one, let it solidify in the refrigerator and then cover with the other to get a tablet of two colors … or even three if you want to add the milk chocolate.

In the tutorial, discover now some combinations that we recommend you try!

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