Holidays, the goals with the most instagrammable dishes – Italian Cuisine

Holidays, the goals with the most instagrammable dishes

For two out of three millennials, food is the determining factor in choosing a destination. Here are the ones preferred by the Italians

No longer just the climate, the culture, the richness of the nightlife and the landscapes: today, when it's time to leave, in choosing the destination, even food has become a fundamental engine. According to research, research Tasty Travels (conducted by One Poll on a sample of 9,000 respondents in 29 countries) even two millennials out of three (70%) consider it the determining factor, much more than the beauty of the beaches (41%), promotions and travel offers (15%) and shopping opportunities (18%). And it is no surprise that 76% of young travelers will capture the dishes who will taste just to post their photos on Instagram: in a 7-day vacation, millennial travelers take on average 142 photos, at least a quarter of which are dedicated solely to food.

The importance of food

Here then is that a destination becomes even more coveted if, in addition to breathtaking views, monuments and sites of historical and cultural importance, hotel facilities and entertainment proposals, it also offers the possibility of taking pictures foods that are not only good, but also beautiful, beautiful. In a word: instagrammable.

And what are these delicious destinations then? The tour operator Eden Viaggi has selected the 7 destinations that Italians are favoring this summer. Some are very classic, like Cuba, where the most photographed is the pina colada, a mix between coconut and pineapple and rum, especially if by the sea, or the United States, including extra large burgers, rich milkshakes and delicious pancakes. Others are more surprising and no less fascinating: for example la Jordan, where you can taste some typical dishes such as falafel and hummus, also perfect together, the China, with its typical ravioli and roulades, or even Brazil, where you can certainly try the feijoada and the famous caipirinha.

In the gallery, the favorite destinations of the Italians and which instagrammabile foods can be found

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