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The most innovative and loved among 12 thousand consumers, from Nutella Bisquit to the best ready sauce, gluten-free biscuit or packaged ice cream

Monday 23 March 2020 was the Product of the Year Day, born in France in 1987 and now in its 15th Italian edition and present in over 40 countries around the world. Chosen by a popular jury of 12 thousand online users, the best products in the food sector were also sanctioned this year.
Here they are in the gallery, and market trends in terms of consumer choices; 0 increasingly greener.

Best food product

The attention to health and well-being is reflected in the daily choices of purchase and consumption, and by the companies themselves that respond with new natural, organic, free from, whole grain and superfood products. Like Kellogg’s Special K Protein and Céréal Buoni Senza Madeleine with almonds among the chosen 2020.

Origin and seasonality, environment and sustainability

In the foreground also the origin, origin and seasonality of the products purchased and consumed as well as the attention to the environment, a key word of 2020 which, in the wake of the new values ​​proposed by the Greta Generation, imposes itself on the whole society with a broader look which includes animal welfare, environmental and social sustainability. Among the elected representatives of this year, for example, the Naturelle Rustiche 12h and Salumi Beretta Puro. The trend linked to environmental awareness shows that the choice of responsible consumption is growing strongly, going from 24% in 2018 to 29% last year; baby boomers (50-65 years and over) and young people of Generation Z (15-24 years) above all prefer products that respect the environment and more natural products. There are more and more companies offering products with recyclable packs such as Noberasco, the mixed Bio and Regionals elected in the Dried Fruit Category. Ecological or made through eco-sustainable processes and with natural components also for non-food products such as Icefor the Ecological elected in the Eco Household Cleaners Category.

Ready meals

The time dedicated to cooking is considerably shortened while practicality is sought through ready-made and easy-to-prepare dishes that go beyond the usual flavors and the usual recipes, without sacrificing taste, naturalness and well-being even for consumption "on the go" as Dimmidisì winners in the Fresh Dishes Soups in the Ready Meals category.

How does it work

Companies apply by offering products / services, assessed by a committee made up of experts from academia, marketing and journalists. The main requirement is innovation, i.e. a completely new product, a new formula or recipe, a new format, a range complement, a diversification, a new packaging, the use of a new technology. The products are then divided into categories, and include consumer products and services aimed at consumers, for example insurance, banking, telephone, etc. The PdA Research is the most important Innovation survey conducted in Italy by number of consumers interviewed: more than 12 thousand individuals vote their favorite products online through a questionnaire to evaluate innovation and satisfaction of consumers who declare that they have used the product / service .

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