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»Herb Sauce - Misya Herb Sauce Recipe

herb sauce it is a fresh and tasty seasoning, perfect for flavoring white meat and various types of vegetables. I love it as a salad dressing, for example, but also on grilled chicken it is not bad, and it could be a good method to give it flavor and make it less dry and make it appreciated even by non-chicken breast lovers;) The sauce with herbs it really prepares in a few minutes, the only nuisance can be chopping aromatic herbs, but basically it takes little. You can also choose which herbs to use and change them from time to time to always try new tastes and combinations;)

First wash the selected herbs (I used basil, rosemary, parsley and mint), dry them, remove the stalks and mince them.

Once minced, put them in a bowl and add salt, pepper, cream and oil, then emulsify well with a fork.

The herb sauce is ready, you can use it immediately or keep it in the fridge (but if you keep it in the fridge, emulsify it again before serving it).

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