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"Her cream is vomiting": Massari compensated for defamation – Italian Cuisine

After the complaint against the "defamatory" review of a couple, the teacher obtained a cash compensation that he donated to charity

"Nothing against criticism as long as they are civil". Instead, that comment had not been at all and had not really gone down. Thus, in front of one review on Tripadvisor of a couple who, on a visit to the Veneto pastry shop in Brescia, had defined his "vomit" cream, Iginio Massari, the most famous master pastry chef in Italy, had decided to spend lawsuit for aggravated defamation, a complaint shared by the Public Prosecutor who had promoted the prosecution.

The agreement after 5 years

The comment read: "If this is your almond paste then you do not know what reality is, the custard is vomiting". And again: "You will also be starry, but if you want to learn how to work you have to taste our products from southern Italy". The legal battle, initiated by the master in 2013, lasted five years and in recent days ended with a agreement between the parts and the withdrawal of the lawsuit.

Compensation for charity

As explained on the Master's Facebook page, the compensation in cash received for the damage of image (a top secret figure accompanied by a letter of apology) was donated by Massari to the Zebra Onlus, an association that supports pediatric hospitals by purchasing diagnostic material for the facilities.

Massari's comment

"Social media is a valuable communication tool that allows you to reach distant places and people, but pay attention to the contents. Trust in justice ", commented on Twitter Massari, whose auspice is that Tripadvisor and other sites that publish reviews, "adopt a policy of more attention that – respecting the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression – also allows to protect those who are targeted by reviews above the lines".

A brake to those who exaggerate

All 'Handle Massari said he never met the couple: "I only knew that they are over 30 years old, but they are immature. They are like those who think they are traveling alone on the highway and do not realize they are the only ones in the wrong place. They live thinking they can throw the poop on to others, with a defamatory intent, they disperse the work of a lifetime in a moment. I wanted to curb those who exaggerated, but I would have been more satisfied if it had not been known. But being a criminal trial, the documents are accessible. And after the damage, now there are also those looking for clamor. But I stay here, to work ".

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