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hamburger bread, how to make it

Want to make a homemade hamburger even more special? Also try making bread

In recent years, burger-themed restaurants have proliferated everywhere, so much so that we often have a craving for them. So what if we are at home? It's simple, just follow the advice of our chefs from La Scuola to make an excellent one DIY burgers, starting from bread.

The ingredients of hamburger bread

Hamburger bread can also be made easily at home. Usually it is milk or butter sandwiches, which allow the dough to remain soft even after baking. The ingredients are sugar, brewer's yeast, salt and strong flour.

The importance of strong flour

Each dough requires a specific flour because each flour has its strength. In the case of hamburgers the strong one is preferable because, being rich in glutenabsorbs more liquids and retains more carbon dioxide. In addition, the dough obtained from a strong flour will be more elastic, tenacious and particularly resistant to leavening thanks to the firmer glutinic network.

What can you add?

Bread for your hamburger can also be flavored with spices, fresh herbs, grated cheese or vegetable puree. Alternatively, once the bread has risen, you can brush it with very little milk or beaten egg to make the surface more colorful and decorate it with poppy seeds, pumpkin, sesame or chia.

The recipe for a vegetarian hamburger

Chickpea and spice burger with beetroot mayonnaise: try to make this special hamburger, vegetarian. Here is the recipe.


200 g Boiled chickpeas
30 g Pecorino
5 g chopped parsley
1 minced shallot
1 small egg
Breadcrumbs (optional)
Salt, hot pepper
Mixed salad
Extra virgin olive oil
White yogurt

For the mayonnaise
100 g Almond milk
200 g Seed oil
25 g lemon juice
4 g Salt
Pre-cooked beets


Chop all the ingredients finely and mix with egg, cheese and breadcrumbs if necessary.
Form two or three hamburgers according to the desired size.
Brown the chickpeas over high heat in a pan with a little oil, for two minutes per side.
Switch on paper towels; salt and serve with fresh salad topped with oil and yogurt.
In a container with high edges, with the help of a blender, whisk the almond milk with the lemon juice and salt, pouring in the seed oil. Once the mayonnaise is obtained, add the turnip and blend until a fine sauce is obtained.
Serve the burger with mayonnaise and vegetables to taste together with the bread flavored with sesame.

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

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