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Green sauce: the original recipe and its variants

Green sauce is a very easy condiment to prepare, you just need a lot of parsley, oil and a clove of garlic. But do you know all the variants?

The green sauce is a delicious, tasty and fragrant sauce that usually accompanies cold fish salads and boiled meat. It can be prepared in different ways to make it more or less light.
Here are our proposals.

Original green sauce recipe

To make the salsa verde, as if it were grandma's recipe, blend two bunches of parsley well washed, dried and deprived of the stems, with extra virgin olive oil, add two cloves of garlic and a pinch of salt.
The oil, as for the mayonnaise, should be added gradually while continuing to blend.
You can decide the consistency of the sauce which can be super creamy or a little more rustic.

Green sauce with anchovies

Many recipes include the addition of some anchovies in salt or oil to give flavor.
They must be blended with the rest and obviously the salt must be adjusted according to the flavor of the anchovies.
Anchovies and sardines in oil are also great.

Green sauce with almonds

In some sauces you will also find the addition of almonds peel to give a little extra sweetness and make the sauce creamier. In fact, almonds must first be toasted and then added to the rest in order to release their oils once blended.
In this case, less extra virgin olive oil will have to be added.

Green sauce with boiled egg

If you want to try this variant, know that you can blend only the yolk of a hard-boiled egg with parsley, or yolk and egg white together. For two bunches of parsley, consider about half a hard-boiled egg or the yolk of a whole egg.
The sauce is more velvety and full-bodied and tastier.

Green sauce with mayonnaise

Still on the subject of eggs, someone adds mayonnaise.
In this case, use the oil to avoid making the sauce excessively greasy and heavy.
Some anchovies are fine in addition to eggs. So try to prepare sandwiches with shrimp.

Green sauce with capers

The salted capers are desalted and then added to the parsley and garlic.
This is a very fragrant and tasty variant that also goes well simply on toasted bread with oil.

Green sauce with a mix of ingredients

Finally, if you love green sauce more than anything else in the world, try to make it as rich as possible by adding everything we have suggested and then egg, capers, almonds and anchovies.
It will become a sort of pate perfect to accompany many preparations, especially grilled meat, fish and vegetables.

Bagnèt vert, the typical Piedmontese recipe

If you want to try the traditional recipe of Piedmontese green sauce, called Bagnet vert or Bagnet verd, in addition to the parsley you will need to add: hard-boiled egg yolks (someone also adds a few pieces of egg white), anchovies, capers, garlic and stale bread soaked in vinegar.

The Tuscan green sauce

Even Tuscany this sauce is widely used for toast or accompany grilled meat dishes. The ingredients are parsley, extra virgin olive oil, hard-boiled egg, garlic, lemon juice and even a grate of its zest.

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