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Greek yogurt for breakfast: 10 ideas

From porridge to pudding, from french toast to bruschetta, from cake to focaccia: we bet you will want to try them all?

The Greek yogurt is an excellent ally a Breakfast because healthy, light, nutritious and super versatile.
Many nutritionists recommend introducing it in one diet balanced because it is low in sugar and low in fat, if you choose the fat free variety.
Not everyone likes it because of the slightly acidic taste, but we want to offer you 10 ideas to bring it to the table in the morning in a tasty way, both sweet and savory.

Rich bowl with Greek yogurt

We borrow the English word bowl to refer to the classic bowl of yogurt with granola and fruit, but we don't do it randomly.
The bowl is a real complete dish, perfect to start the day. It is beautiful to look at, rich and colorful.
The base is Greek yogurt and then you can add fresh and dried fruit, oil seeds and even something to sweeten if the fruit is not enough for you.
Honey or maple syrup are ideal, or almond or peanut butter, which are not exactly sweet, but give a particularly delicious taste.


We have talked about it many times and by now you know how many versions of the Porridge.
There is the classic porridge which cooks for a few minutes, or L'overnight oatmeal which you do yourself by resting in the refrigerator for one night, but the result is more or less the same.
What we recommend is to enrich it with a spoonful of Greek yogurt to make it creamier.
Prepare the base only with water and oat flakes and then add only yogurt as a protein part.

Chia pudding

The chia pudding, for those who still do not know, it is a delicate light pudding that is very easy to prepare also because there is no need to cook anything.
As for the porridge, we suggest you prepare the base with skim milk or water and then add some Greek yogurt as well as pureed or chopped fruit to get a real dessert.
To make it special, alternate layers of pudding and layers of yogurt inside glass bowls.

Greek yogurt and granola

Nothing special if granola is what you buy at the supermarket, but have you ever tried to make one homemade granola?
It's very easy and you can add the ingredients you like best such as dried and dried fruit, grains of all kinds, honey, maple syrup, coconut flakes and chocolate and much more.

Yogurt cake

A breakfast classic, a healthy and light cake that the whole family likes.
The recipe we suggest is that of Cake 7 Jars which is prepared using a 175 g jar of Greek yogurt as a dispenser, even if the classic recipe calls for the 125 g jar of white yogurt.
Try it with Greek yogurt and you will notice the difference!
With apples it is delicious and in season at this time, but of course you can use all the fruit you want or even just chocolate chips.

French Toast

THE French Toast they are prepared with sandwich bread, stuffed with jam, then passed in beaten egg with milk and then in a pan to brown in butter. A real treat!
Serve them with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, a spoonful of yogurt and fresh fruit, or add the yogurt as a filling.

Bruschetta with yogurt

Speaking of sandwiches and sandwiches, we cannot fail to mention the sweet bruschetta.
A breakfast, or even a snack, to be composed in many ways.
The base is of toast spread with yogurt and then you can complete it all with jam or fruit.
Also excellent in savory version with avocado, cherry tomatoes and salmon.


THE Pancake they can be made with yogurt in the dough, but also with yogurt as an accompaniment.
We suggest the second version because it is always better to consume fresh and natural Greek yogurt.
Then, prepare the classic pancakes and then stack them and serve them with a delicious cream prepared by mixing Greek yogurt with honey or maple syrup and complete with fresh fried pieces or lightly caramelized in a pan.

Smart donuts

In reality, the ones we want to offer you are not real American donuts because they are prepared in a few minutes, with only two ingredients and are called 'Instant donuts'.
Just mix 140 g of self-rising flour with 190 g of yogurt And that's it.
This dough is ready in an instant and does not need to rise.
Use it to prepare small or large donuts or delicious balls to fry in hot oil and then pass in sugar.
Seeing is believing!

Magical focaccia with yogurt

Another super smart recipe is that of focaccia with yogurt, also this to be prepared with the usual two ingredients: self-rising flour and yogurt.
Obviously, if you do not have a special flour already mixed with yeast, use 00 and add two teaspoons of instant yeast and you will get a self-leavening flour.
The doses are the same as for the donuts, but this time the dough is rolled out on a well-oiled pizza pan with the help of wet hands.
A drizzle of oil on the surface and a pinch of salt and away in a static oven at 180 ° for 20 minutes or until the surface is golden brown.
You can also make it in a sweet version by adding sugar and accompanying the focaccia with fresh yogurt and jam.

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