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In the modern estate of the Cotarella family, among the green Umbrian hills, you don't live by wine alone: ​​you can also enjoy grandma's recipes

Aromas and flavors linked to childhood, to Sunday lunches with the family reunited in full force, to local recipes handed down from generation to generation. We are in Umbria, but almost on the border with northern Lazio: here the third generation of Cotarella family, a company rooted in the wine sector, composed of Dominga and her cousins ​​Enrica and Marta, continues to treasure the peasant cookbook of grandmother Grace.
«The home dishes that have always accompanied us are baked pasta, roast chicken with potatoes, fried potato donuts and our grandmother's pate, says Enrica. "A great classic of snacks was bread with rubbed tomato and, in summer, panzanella: wet bread seasoned with vegetables from the garden, local oil, salt and vinegar".
The chicken continues to be the free-range one, with very tender meat and crunchy skin, the eggs are those of the day, the smells just picked.
«In the lunch on holidays or birthdays there was never a lack of local ham, rigorously cut by hand with a sharp knife and trifle. All the recipes are offered today to Italian and foreign tourists who visit the Cotarella family headquarters in Montecchio with its cellars and choose to stop and eat. A moment of conviviality that goes beyond simple wine tasting , explains Enrica.

Cotarella family.

For the readers of La Cucina Italiana, here it is the recipe for grandma Grazia's paté which takes time, a lot of love and 14 ingredients.

Ingredients for 6/8 people

250 g chicken livers
250 g anchovies
1 sausage
100 g minced veal
Stale bread
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch of sage
1 bunch of rosemary
1 green apple
1 carrot
1 onion
A handful of capers
One and a half stalk of celery


Put all the ingredients in a medium-sized pot with the oil, remembering to remove the skin from the fresh sausage. Let it boil over low heat and, when cooked, add a slice of bread soaked in vinegar and squeezed. Blend everything and serve on toasted bread.

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