Gourmet guide: Crimea and Borgo Po – Italian Cuisine

Gourmet guide: Crimea and Borgo Po

After San Salvario and the city center we publish a small guide to Crimea and Borgo Po in Turin

Two districts of Turin that actually look like one, a beautiful area of ​​the city just a stone's throw from the hill. We suggest some delicious places to shop, where you stop to eat. Have you ever tasted the Cri Cri?

Best veal with tuna sauce

Where to eat it

Ceccarelli Restaurant via Santorre di Santarosa 7 / B
A cuisine that is halfway between the Tuscan one, given the origins of the owners who arrived in Turin in 1958, and the Piedmontese one. A reassuring kitchen, good and welcoming, without too many frills, but of substance. We liked the traditional version of vitello tonnato, but also the warm seafood salad and the raw meat salad. Among the latter, Florentine tripe and, for lovers of fried food, brains and artichokes.
A nice mix that is worth tasting.

Where to buy / gastronomy

Gastronomy Roby and Roby, Via Monferrato 11
A real institution in Borgo Po. Not a year goes by that at Christmas there is no queue outside the shop to order traditional Piedmontese dishes. Because if it's nice to cook sometimes it's great to find the table prepared without having to prepare anything.
Traditional veal with tuna sauce is excellent and if you want to make a super sandwich, buy their cooked ham, cooked by Roby and Roby of course.

Best agnolotto

Where to eat it

Monferrato restaurant Via Monferrato 6
Among the restaurant's symbolic dishes together with boiled meat, classic Turin finnish, braised meat, and for which the Monferrato restaurant is one of Turin's most loved, but not only, locals. Agnolotti prepared strictly by hand, in the most classic tradition, seasoned with roast sauce and Parmesan cheese or with butter and sage.
Curiosity: one of the (many) origins of the name refers to the dialectal term "anulòt" which indicates the ring-shaped instrument that was used to prepare agnolotti.
If there remains a place after the tasting, take a look at the cheese cart.

Where to buy / gastronomy

Pastificio Reale corso Moncalieri 29
For his agnolotti Lorenzo Bossina uses the old family recipe, that of his maternal grandmother, Monferrato Doc. At the time it was customary to prepare agnolotti with what remained at home at the end of the week: then two roasts, pork and beef, eggs, stale bread without the addition of lard and no vegetables, because the vegetable garden being cultivated, the vegetables were harvested and cooked as needed and were unlikely to advance.
In some families it was also used to add leftovers of cold cuts, such as cooked salami or mortadella. Basic dose per person from 3 to 4 dozen, to be seasoned with roast sauce.

Best ice cream

Marilù makes ice cream via Monferrato 7
A name we hear little about, but which has been producing quality ice cream in Turin for over 10 years. First in the store in Via Nizza 92, then Corso Cincinnato and in Borgo Po for a year.
He conquered young and old alike for his ice creams, made as they once were, with selected products: classic creams and some more original (and seasonal, like the purple purple potato) taste; or ricotta, chocolate nuggets and exotic fruit, Southern Pearl, pistachio, lemon and crunchy almond. If we have made you want ice cream just go from Marilù to order a super cone, cup or a tub.

Best gianduiotto

Ziccat piazza Borromini 78 / A (new store, the historic workshop in via Bardonecchia)
For 60 years in the heart of lovers of good chocolate and gianduiotti, which are prepared with the classic recipe (30% of IGP Piedmont hazelnut paste) or in coffee, pistachio and for those who have problems with the line, without sugar but with maltitol.

ICAF corso Moncalieri 204
An address outside the chocolate-making circuit of the center, but which has worked with the same quality since 1950. Production of pralines, chocolates, gianduiotti and pastries. Good also the confetti and the Cri Cri, crunchy toasted hazelnuts, covered with good extra dark chocolate covered with very small balls of sugar, a typical Turin product.

Where to buy the best teas

The Tea Emporium via Monferrato 20 / B
Opened in 2010, it is a shop specializing in quality teas and infusions, available in bulk, in leaves and in sachets. Also available small sweet and savory pastries, biscuits, jams and homemade jams. Rich collection of special teapots, including Japanese and cups for all tastes.

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