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Is it really Christmas without a chocolate Advent calendar? Marking the days in the most gluttonous way is not only the prerogative of the little ones: this year the Advent calendars are signed by the most famous Chocolatiers – so that Mayan gold lovers and lovers do not give up the magic of waiting


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For many of us, as children, the countdown in anticipation of Christmas was measured by opening a window every day behind which, we knew, a sweet was hidden. They have been around for some time Advent calendars intended for adults and can conceal anything from vintage gin to lucky trinkets, from high-end make-up products to teas and herbal teas, to real jewels – but nothing is able to bring to mind the enchantment of Christmas past – without wishing to bother with the relative Phantom of a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – like the thought of unwrapping every day that chocolate gem – whether it is white, dark, milk or caramel – that hides behind every window.

A story from… fairytale

After the nativity scene and the tree, the advent Calendar it is one of the most representative symbols of Christmas. From the beginning of the month, it marks the time of Advent, until December 25th. But how did this custom come about?

Advent calendars as we know them today first appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in Northern Europe, thanks to the intuition of a publisher from Maulbronn, Gerhard Lang (1881-1974). By printing the first Advent calendar, the German spread throughout the Christian world a deeply rooted practice among local women, who used to give children a sweet for each day in December, in order to make the waiting for birth more pleasant. of the Child Jesus and at the same time teaching the little ones to count. Gerhard Lang devised a first version of the calendar with colored images and the first copy was printed in his printing house, the "Richold & Lang". Lang later modified his calendars to include small doors that, when opened, "revealed" the images: this version of the calendar was a smash hit and influenced modern incarnations.

But when does chocolate arrive?

The classic Advent calendar with chocolates was born on the wave of postwar abundance, the first in fact dates back to 1958. The company British Cadbury he then started the regular inclusion of chocolate treats in his Advent calendars in 1971. In Italy, it was the Galli pastry shop in Milan, one of the first to offer Advent calendars, made of fabric and full of … sweetness.

Greedy First Advent signed Valrhona: the brand – one of the major reference points in the world of chocolate and haute patisserie – launches its first Advent Calendar at Christmas 2021 where the 24 windows hide almonds and hazelnuts covered with milk or dark chocolate, pralines, cereals crunchy malt topped with Blond Dulcey… a feast for the gourmet palate.

The Prestige calendar by is also deluxe Venchi: in book format with door and hinged door, rich in colors, in its internal drawers – with which to compose 4 different Christmas images – it hides 28 assorted chocolates to meet all tastes. Alongside the classic milk and dark chocolate, there are the creamy and crunchy, the Gianduia and the Tiramisu.

High percentages of cocoa and premium quality ingredients characterize Lindt Excellence tasting tablets and Lindt's 2021 novelty, the Excellence Advent Calendar. Twenty-four greedy squares with the most refined recipes of the line (Lindt Excellence Orange Intense, Lindt Excellence 70% and
85% cocoa).

Bonet, hazelnut, pistachio or dark chocolate? The surprises proposed by the 2021 Advent calendar of Bodrato Chocolate: the artisan company of Novi Ligure offers its filled chocolates, gianduiotti and truffles to young and old to sweeten the rhythm of the days of December.

The 24 assorted chocolates (dark chocolate, green and black butter milk chocolate, dark chocolate with ginger, milk chocolate, 70% dark cocoa and 85% dark cocoa) that are hidden in the Advent Calendar are based on organic milk. 2021 of Green & Black.

Forrest Gump "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what happens to you"

December 2021
Francesca Tagliabue

Posted on 01/12/2021


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