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Goodbye to Mario, the bartender of Ligabue songs

He died at 80: he was the manager of the historic Bar Mario in San Martino in Rio, where the Emilian singer-songwriter met with his band at the beginning of his career

Ligabue had sung it in several of his hits: Mario Bar of 1988 ("Mario gives a rag to the bar counter … Mario spits and pulls out the accounts of the bar … Mario sends everyone to sleep and then closes the bar"), and Some nights («See you at Mario, sooner or later) from 1995. But also in Walter the magician is The tough have two hearts. Mario Zanni was the manager of the historic Bar Mario of San Martino in Rio, near Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia.

He died at 80 years old and the Emilian singer-songwriter wanted to remember him on his social networks with words of affection: “Hi Marietto. Thank you. Now rest , and with a video in which Mario Zanni, showing his identity card, says:« I am Mario, this is my bar, and it is a bale that Ligabue said that Mario bar does not exist, that they were all fantasies, it's 10 years that I'm here and mister Ligabue used to come here when he got together with those kids to make it complex.

Even the official Ligabue fan club – which is called barMario, in fact – takes its name from the local historian, who still today, despite the management was no longer entrusted to Mario Zanni, remains a fixed stop for the supporters of the Emilian rocker. Yes, because, as reported by "Il Resto del Carlino", at the beginning of his career Bar Mario was the band's meeting point of Ligabue, the Orazero, after the tests in a nearby former stable, in Lemizzone. Back then, the singer was still an accountant in a firm and his group, who dreamed of becoming famous, pulled late into the bar.

Mario himself told it: «Luciano? He did not drink alcohol, only Coca Cola. Rehearsals came to an end with his girlfriend at the time. Claudio Maioli was also there, who would become his manager. The two of us are very similar: simple, good, helpful character. That's why we get along. " And again: «Luciano and the others played in a nearby stable. So they didn't disturb. When they finished trying, around midnight, they came to the bar. I I made fried dumplings and I kept my drinks cool. It pulled until two. Then I gave the now famous rag to the counter and sent everyone to bed. "

Mario's character also appears in the first Ligabue film, Radiofreccia, released in 1998: the bartender, who was called Adolfo in the film, was played by Francesco Guccini.

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