Gnocchi without potatoes, the first protein to make today – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Gnocchi without potatoes, the first protein to make today

Prepare the gnocchi without potatoes and is it possible without eggs? Of course: if you haven’t yet dipped your hands into the dough to make soft potato gnocchi for fear that it would take too long, then these cannellini bean gnocchi are for you.

Gnocchi, the undisputed sovereigns of Thursday lunches in the capital and in many regions of central Italy, find in this new guise, in a very simple and hassle-free preparation, the perfect consistency to accompany with a tomato sauce, as we did, or seasonal vegetables.

There are no eggs or potatoes in these gnocchi, and it is obviously also possible to make them with gluten-free flours.

For those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or for those who simply want to taste something new, we suggest not to miss these legume gnocchi because in addition to being highly satiating, they are also protein-rich.

Here is how to proceed to bring gnocchi to the table without potatoes and eggs.

Canellini bean gnocchi

Difficulty: easy
Time: 40 minutes

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