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A small guide to make the typical carnival sweets, without sacrifices but strictly gluten free. Here is the recipe for gluten-free chatter and gluten-free pancakes

TO Carnival every joke is true, but when it comes to celiac disease not joking. For everyone, however, young and old, traditional desserts are an essential part of the fun. Starting from pancakes to gluten-free chatting, preparing them is really easy.

Gluten-free pancakes with rice flour

The recipe is that classical of the pancakes, the flour is gluten free. 150 g of rice flour with 50 g of potato starch, 1 dl of milk, 2 eggs, 100 g of sugar, 1 sachet of suitable baking powder, a spoonful of rum are mixed in a bowl. ) and a pinch of salt. When the dough is homogeneous, it is left to rest, covered with plastic wrap, for a quarter of an hour. Then take the dough by spoonfuls and drop them in a pan with hot olive oil: fry the dough little by little, drain the pancakes with a perforated ladle and pass them on absorbent paper to lose the excess grease. A sprinkling of icing sugar and they are ready to taste, hot. If desired, the dough can be enriched with raisins previously found in rum.

Gluten-free pancakes

Rice and chestnut pancakes

Traditional alternative, always gluten free are the risotto pancakesor. 100 g of rice are cooked in half a liter of milk until the liquid is completely absorbed; add a knob of butter, a spoonful of sugar, 3 yolks, a spoonful of starch, grated lemon zest and a pinch of salt; it mixes and finally the egg whites of the eggs whipped in firm snow join. Fry the dough by spoonfuls in hot oil, dripping the pancakes on absorbent paper.

A classic of the Tuscan carnival are the chestnut pancakes. They are very simple: 250 g of chestnut flour are mixed with a glass of milk (or water), adding it flush and stirring to obtain a uniform batter. You salt slightly and add to taste raisin soaked in rum, rosemary needles and pine nuts. Also in this case, the dough should be dropped by spoonfuls into the hot oil.

Gluten-free chat

Slightly more demanding is the preparation of gluten-free chatter, which requires a few more precautions. It starts with the dough, made with 200 g of gluten-free flour (perfect mixes for pasta), arranged like a fountain on a pastry board. In the center, an egg, 2 tablespoons of grappa, a teaspoon of sugar, grated zest of half a lemon and a pinch of salt should be placed. Separately, let half a glass of milk cool with a small knob of butter, so that it melts. Start kneading by adding the mixture a little at a time milk and butter: you will need to use just enough to get a firm and non-sticky dough. The pasta will be rolled out in one thin sheet: better to use the special machine, well floured. Flour generously (always with gluten-free flour, of course) also the work surface and cut the dough with the toothed wheel into strips about 2 centimeters wide. The chats are fried a few at a time, in plenty of hot oil, turning them only once. Drain them as soon as they are golden brown and transfer them to kitchen paper to lose excess grease. Finally, they are placed on a serving plate and served sprinkled with icing sugar.

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