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Gluten-free beer: how it is produced and which to drink

There are more and more products designed for celiacs and among these there is no lack of gluten-free beer. But what are these beers and how are they made? It is the producers themselves who explain it to us.

Gluten-free beer: celiac-proof

"A beer is called gluten free – he explains Teo Musso of Baladin beer – when it contains traces of gluten of less than 20 parts per million. It is, in fact, harmless to anyone suffering from celiac disease. In order to be defined gluten free, each single production batch must be analyzed by an accredited laboratory that certifies compliance with the parameters indicated by law. "

The production obviously has precise characteristics, starting from the raw materials used. Musso explains: «Normally they are used, during production, swallowed malt or enzymes or process adjuvants are used. This is not the case with the Baladin Gluten Free National Team. In fact, starting from a recipe already very close to respecting the 20 PPM threshold, we added del Carnaroli rice (gluten-free cereal) which further reduced the presence of gluten in beer, bringing it below the limit threshold. A natural product that has all the organoleptic characteristics of a classic beer . There are therefore two possible production techniques: one part from cereals naturally gluten-free, the other from swallowed raw materials.

Gluten-free beer: connoisseur-proof

The absence of gluten obviously must not translate into less pleasure for those who taste beer: "Our National Gluten Free – explains Musso – in terms of flavor and contentment on the palate is absolutely comparable with beers containing gluten. It is inspired by the National team, and rice completes its harmonization by enriching the beer with a dry note that enhances the hints of chamomile. An important customer who manages a chain of fish restaurants offers it regardless of why it loves its aromatic profile in combination with the dishes served . So many other breweries in Italy have decided to produce gluten-free beer.

Particular is the case of Gritz, Franciacorta brewery founded by Claudio Gritti and the only reality in Italy dedicated to gluten-free beers: «The choice to open the first artisan brewery in Italy with totally gluten-free process production – explains Gritti himself – as well as one of the very few craft breweries in the world specialized in this type production, was born from an initial basic assessment: the Italian market had a gap in the sector and there were no other entities in the area that had ever done so. I therefore tried to offer an answer to requests that over time had come to me precisely from those looking for a gluten-free beer that was at the same time of quality, which did not force you to give up the taste. Personally, I do not have gluten intolerances, but I have always liked the idea of ​​being able to give those who find themselves unable to drink beer to continue doing it in the best possible way ".

Below (and in the gallery) a small selection of gluten-free beers.


It is a blonde beer, produced exclusively with barley malt, which undergoes a particular processing that allows the complete extraction of gluten, without changing the flavor of real craft beer. Deep yellow blonde with orange highlights, citrus scented, it stands out for its freshness and drinkability. The name? An exclamation of joy in Friulian!

Big bear

From Barcelona Beer Company, craft brewery of Barcelona, ​​a Pale Ale, gluten-free beer very close to the English style, produced by working with a careful choice of malts, hops and yeasts, without additives and with pure water from the Montseny Natural Park, the 'Acqua de “Font del Regàs.

Bavaria Gluten Free

It is checked at each production stage to guarantee a gluten content of less than 10 ppm. Thirst quenching and easy to drink (5th vol. Alc.), It is characterized by a high olfactory intensity, balanced between malt and hop aromas, and a slight bitter taste that makes it immediately recognizable on the palate. In fact, Bavaria Gluten Free stands out for the same superior quality ingredients used to produce Bavaria Premium.


Entirely dedicated to the production of gluten-free beers, the brewery offers different qualities. La Belga della Danda, Belgian Strong Amber Ale with a liqueur flavor and malty character; the Pils della Graziella, Bohemian Pilsner fresh and fragrant with hops, pale gold color; Barbara's Weiss, delicate and fruity, characterized by turbidity; the IPA of Camilla, Indian Pale Ale, with a fruity aroma and an amber color.


Special edition of a now classic Baladin beer, the National team. The use of Carnaroli rice produced in the province of Vercelli significantly reduces its gluten content. The aromatic profile is based on keeping the original aroma of the National team almost unchanged. Golden in color, it has a compact foam hat. Scented with cereals and hops, it retains the characteristic dryness of the National team.

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