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Generation Female Global Summit 2020: that's who the protagonists are

Top leaders and pioneers meet virtually on September 16th to connect, energize and empower a new generation of female leaders

The inaugural event of Generation Female Global Summit, with the aim of recognizing the role of female leadership and strengthen the next generation of women leaders, bringing together current and future female international leaders from various sectors, in the first virtual conference of its kind.

Over the course of a day of conferences and panels with a diverse network of women leaders, change-makers, visionaries and
innovators from a wide range of industries, the Generation Female Global Summit will create a community
it's a open and inclusive conversation, where women from all backgrounds can share, explore and learn
Among the keynote speakers we find women leaders such as Francesca Airoldi, Chief Revenue Officer of Condé Nast Italia,
Lynne Hanna, CEO of Clarins South Africa and Elizaveta Kostyleva Díaz, GM Europe of LifeVantage, who will share their experiences and insights as women leading global companies, brand relevance and transformation strategies. Generation Female Global Summit founder Anna Shpak, a certified executive coach, will also conduct a training seminar to equip attendees with key skills and strategies to become successful eleaders in the digital-centric new normal.
The panels and discussions will feature female leaders from various sectors who are making their way into sectors dominated by
men such as technology, finance and business, or driving positive change in areas such as sustainability and
the empowerment of minorities. Among the participants, Benedetta Arese Lucini, co-founder of Oval Money and former GM of
Uber Italy; The starred Chef Viviana Varese; Hannah Chung, Hong Kong zero waste activist; Nurul Jihadah,
founder of The Codette Project, a Singapore-based non-profit organization that helps Muslim / minority women
to enter the field of technology; Fausta Pavesio, an experienced investor named one of the 50 most European women
influential in startups and VCs. Fireside chats will offer insights into sectors such as finance and the legal professions,
as well as the defense of minorities and human rights, with industry leaders such as Legance Avvocati Associati and speakers
as Riccardo Farisi, Head of Family Business of Azimut, and Fiammetta Capecchi, Founder of Lexpertise Legal Network.
In line with the Summit's goal of supporting women, all proceeds from the registration will be donated to
IEO-CCM Foundation (European Institute of Oncology Foundation – Monzino Cardiology Center) to support
the IEO Women's Cancer Center.

The IEO-CCM Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds for experimental and clinical research with the aim of finding the best treatments for patients. The Women's Cancer Center IEO (European Institute of Oncology) is dedicated to women's cancers, in the field of prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and therapy that takes care of women before, during and after treatment, with a 360 ° approach to women's health.
Generation Female Global Summit is the flagship event of Generation Female, a non-profit association
created to empower and support leading women in their personal and professional skills, and is organized
by ARDM Consulting, a leadership coaching boutique and HR consultancy firm
provides advice and training to optimize performance and leadership. Explaining the impulse for the organization
of the Generation Female Global Summit, Anna Shpak explained: “Being a woman leader, entrepreneur and mother me
itself, helping women thrive and find fulfillment has always been something I'm passionate about. In my work
of leading women's coaching and consulting to companies on talent training and development, it quickly became
evident that there was an urgent need for a broad and international platform to support and empower
women by developing their skills, confidence and connections. The Generation Female movement was thus created for
fill this gap and meet the needs of women leaders “.

The Generation Female Global Summit is a must-see virtual conference for current and female leaders
potential and their supporters, will provide a platform and network that educates, empowers and empowers a new one
generation of leadership and female voices. Generation Female is more than a summit, it is a movement: join us
to connect with like-minded leaders, create new opportunities, and overcome your challenges.

In the photo, top from left: Anna Shpak, President Generation Female; Francesca Airoldi, Chief Revenue Officer Condé Nast Italia; Lynne Hanna, CEO Clarins South Africa; Elizaveta Kostyleva Díaz, GM Europe LifeVantage; Rossella Paliotto, CEO of AET Holding spa; Middle row, left to right: Nurul Jihadah, Founder The Codette Project; Benedetta Arese Lucini, Co-founder Oval Money; Hannah Chung, Head of Business Development; Fausta Pavesio, Advisor, Board Member, Investor; Viviana Varese, Michelin Starred Chef; Bottom row, left to right: Alice and Francesca Villa, Owners Villa Milano; Fiammetta Capecchi, Founder of Lexpertise Legal Network; Riccardo Farisi, Head of Family Business Azimut; Monica Colombera, Senior Partner Legance; Vanessa Lim, Co-founder Rebelle Activewear) Click on the link for complete biographies:

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