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Summer is now upon us, and will finally bring with it the fruit and vegetables of June, good, sweet and colourful: melons and peaches, above all. Even if the undisputed protagonists of the month are them: strawberries and cherries. Here are the seasonal fruits and vegetables of the month June.

June fruit and vegetables

Goodbye oranges, welcome corns

Before delving into the fruits of summer, however, it is worth mentioning those products which, in June, fire their last cartridges. The oranges of Italian production are now fewer and fewer, only the last harvest of May remains Valencia and of oval, in addition to those stored in cold storage. June, like May, is the period of strawberries, which arrive on the counters of shops and supermarkets mainly from the regions of Southern Italy. In May we tasted the first ones cherriesbut it is in June that we can find the best ones: i Vignola cornsbut also those of Verona and the Apulian varieties.

Melons: make sure they are ripe

Green light for the first ones melonseven if it needs to be done Attention because fruits can be found still not very ripe and devoid of their typical sweetness. To choose the right one you need to press the two ends: the melon must not be too hard or too soft. If it is still too unripe, you can keep it out of the fridge for a few more days to let it ripen. For the watermelon It’s still a little early, but with a little attention you can already find very sweet watermelons. To recognize the best ones, you need to check that the peel is an intense green color, without bruises, while the point where it touches the ground must be creamy yellow. If it is green, then it is still unripe. The “tapping” method is also valid: a “dull” noise indicates a ripe fruit.

All the colors of peaches

The period of white-fleshed peaches: after the yellow ones, which could already be found in May, in supermarkets and shops you will also be able to find the delicious snuffbox peaches. At the end of the month it will also be the turn of apricots. Among berries, the harvest period also begins in June raspberriesof the currant and of wild strawberries.

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