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Fruit for breakfast: delicious and colorful ideas

Eating fruit for breakfast is a genuine cure for health: you will be charged with energy, protein and vitamins and you will not get hungry for lunch

There fruit at breakfast it is a great way to start the day. Rich in water, fiber, vitamins and mineral salts, fruit is the ideal food to combine with protein and carbohydrates for a complete and healthy meal.

Why is it better to eat fruit for breakfast?

In the morning, when we do Breakfast, The stomach has been fasting for many hours. Fill it with fruit and not with foods full of calories and few vitamins and fiber, hardly digestible and that do not provide energy to start the day, is a authentic cure-all for the natural well-being of the body and for having a source of energy and vitality.

The ideal is to accompany the fruit at breakfast with cereals and foods rich in protein and slow-absorbing carbohydrates, so as to keep a healthy, varied and balanced diet and fill up with power.

Fruit for breakfast: which one to choose?

Fruit is fine, but what is the best for breakfast? Let's say immediately that there is no ideal fruit to eat as soon as you wake up, it depends on taste of each and the combination with which we consume it. If we really want to make a hypothetical list, we can include the ideal breakfast fruit: grapefruit, red grapes, oranges and mandarins, kiwis, le strawberries, bananas, pineapple, watermelon, melon, peaches, pears and apples, plums, raspberries and cherries.

A very long list in which it is not at all complicated to find the preferred one. As for the combinations, the imagination is almost unlimited.

Healthy and tasty recipes to eat fruit for breakfast

Let's start this tour with a fantastic one fruit salad of fruit, to be combined with oat flakes, a juice and a coffee. A colorful, nutritious, balanced and very good breakfast that will give you the right boost to start the day. If you like strawberries, you can combine them with a cup of whole grains and a kiwi, or prepare an apple juice and combine it with walnuts and pineapple for a light and tasty recipe.

If you want to start the day with the right sprint you can try this delicious fruit salad pears and dates with peanut waffles. If you love it instead yogurt, take that Greek and enrich it with the fruit that you like best, will be fine of the peaches cut into pieces, or a fresh melon or red grape berries, all tasty combinations that will make the yogurt even more good and nutritious.

If you like them bananas you can think of one shake quick and easy to make protein, with milk or yogurt and other types of fruit to your liking, such as kiwis, strawberries and oranges. Or a tasty sliced ​​banana with a pureed honey and an orange juice for a full of vitamins and energy.

If you like the savory breakfast and you want to complete it with fruit you can try to eat a few slices of ham or cooked – perhaps with eggs for a full protein – with wholemeal bread and a glass of juice grapefruit. Eating fruit for breakfast will help you regulate your intestinal transit, satisfy you and make you feel better.


If you like jam, breakfast is the perfect time to eat it. Let it be apricots, cherries or of oranges does not matter, but remember not to overdo it (there are still many sugars) and to combine it with some rusks (better if wholegrain) and a glass of fresh milk or a jar of yogurt.

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