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Frozen II: 5 "cold" dishes that Elsa would love

Let's discover the flavors at the table of the queen of Arendelle. Hard to find a hot dish or drink!

Since sitting on the throne of Arendelle, Queen Elsa seems obsessed with a single thought: to keep her magical powers at bay so as not to endanger the lives of the people she loves. In the finale of Frozenin fact, to risk it was her sister Anna who, in an attempt to save her, had been the victim of a spell that had literally frozen her heart. A danger that had been averted by Elsa and that had led the two to live peacefully in the castle, surrounded by the affection of the inhabitants and the white snowflakes that the sovereign is able to generate with a simple flexion of the wrist. Five years later, thanks to one of the highest collections in the history of cinema, Frozen returns with a second chapter starting November 27th, when we will find out if Elsa has come to the top of her powers or are still groping in the dark. In the meantime it is not difficult to imagine what you prefer at the table: whether you want to relax one evening or cool off on a wet day, we have drawn up the ranking of the five delicacies that you really could not say no.

Frozen yogurt

We play easy, we know, but, beyond the freshness, we are sure that Elsa would appreciate it above all because it is much lighter than traditional ice cream. Frozen yogurt is, in fact, prepared without cream, with a slightly acidic flavor that is dissolved through a wide range of seals ranging from chopped hazelnuts to fresh fruit.

Shaken coffee

There are those who prefer it only in summer and those who drink it without problems all year round. This variant of espresso coffee is particularly delicious due to the combination of coffee, ice and liquid sugar. The secret is the foamy and compact foam that is created after mixing the ingredients well: it's the one that makes the difference.


Who said that Disney queens can't drink cocktails? For a low temperature lover like Elsa, nothing is more refreshing than the mojito which, with the taste of white rum, mint leaves, cane sugar and lime juice is a difficult mix that you can't appreciate.


Creamy, fresh and thirst-quenching, it is another great classic that ensures, in addition to freshness, a unique flavor based on the chosen ingredient, which can be banana or chocolate, strawberry or wild berries …

Pasta alla crudaiola

Let it not be said that fresh dishes are only liquid based. This simple pasta to make, seasoned raw with extra virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, salt and oregano is, for example, an alternative to those who find it hard to digest cooked and steaming pasta. Which would probably be more than appreciated by Elsa.

Photo: frame from the Frozen II trailer.

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