From snowboard to starry boards. For Handicap antennas and B.A.S.S. – Italian Cuisine

From snowboard to starry boards. For Handicap antennas and B.A.S.S.

A supportive dinner brought together the great names of Italian cuisine to raise funds in support of the Antenne Handicap association and for the Bass an aid that allows disabled people to try snowboarding

The beautiful slopes of Courmayeur and its constantly moving gastronomic scene welcomed in the best way the Slurp event… !, created and conceived by the brothers Eric and Barbara Grange, natives of the Upper Aosta Valley and in love with Italian cuisine and of sincere projects.

Eric thus explains the birth of Slurp ..!: “I warned Francesco Musa, friend and owner of the Au Coeur des neiges resort, who saw a beautiful thing in this initiative and first supported us and then helped in all respects in the 'organization. We did all this to help a friend, Andrea Borney, and the guys who thanks to him can make big dreams come true. "

This is how some of the best craftsmen and ambassadors of Italian culinary art met at the Au Coeur des Neiges in Courmayeur to raise funds for Antenne Hadicap, the Aosta Valley association that for years has had the objective of facilitating access to sports practices for people with disabilities and to encourage the promotion of activities aimed at them. A beneficial purpose in a festive atmosphere, a perfect combination to make known an association that has revolutionized the sporting world of the disabled Valle d'Aosta and national, allowing many children to ski independently, even if suffering from serious motor diseases, with the BASS, an acronym for Borney Adapted Snowboard System, a snowboard conceived, built and patented by Andrea, and which allows people with cognitive and motor problems to practice sport in freedom and safety and practically in a semi-autonomy. The B.A.S.S. it is the flagship of the activity of Borney who, a snowboard instructor for some time, has sought over the years the best tool to bring disabled people to sport, and then ended up building it. On the ski slopes of the Courmayeur area, beautiful and accessible to all, the protagonists are undoubtedly the boys of Antenne Handicap, but on the table were the creations of the chefs who lent themselves for this evening with a high rate of generosity, as well as that sponsors like KIA and 360 ° Spin who didn't back down and honor the cause.

A search for the product and the combination led to a 9-course tasting dinner that began with the buffalo mozzarella from the Barlotti dairy and the salami of Simone Fracassi, the undisputed king of Tuscan pork butchery, and ended with desserts, including the famous Peaches of Prato, work by Paolo Sacchetti. To enchant also the wonderful pizzas of Gennaro Nasti del Bijou di Montmartre (with sausages and friars and foie gras), the spaghetti with the traditional anchovy sauce of the matrix Pasquale Torrente, as simple as full of the fragrance of Cetara, an unforgettable crispy risotto to the Chianina cap by Emanuele Vallini, a dish that has restored ancient splendor to fried tripe, elevating it with Acquerello rice and sublime deer and cooked to perfection by Saverio Sbaragli of Tosca in Geneva. There is also space for Giovanni D’Antonio, the home chef who presented a salad with hot tomino cheese and a sour yogurt sauce that enhanced the simple creativity of the pairings. Giancarlo Morelli was very absent from the evening, to whom everyone's best wishes for a speedy recovery went and who had to be from the brigade before his skiing accident.

The Italian spirit was expressed not only with food, but also with the Punta Helbronner beer of the Microbrewery Courmayeur, produced with the water of Mont Blanc, a drinkable American Pale Ale and interesting in structure, as well as with the white wine Daphne of Cave Gargantua, Aosta Valley family winery that presented the blend consisting of chardonnay and pinot gris, and the wines of Marchesi di Barolo. Just this winery has enchanted those present with a wonderful Barolo that has sublimated the deer of Sbaragli. Generous and elegant dishes, perfectly in tune with the evening, which allowed Antenne Handicap to take a big step forward with its projects, increasingly linking the name of Courmayeur to that of accessibility.

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