from Friday 15 January the restaurateurs are rebelling (perhaps) – Italian Cuisine

from Friday 15 January the restaurateurs are rebelling (perhaps)

The numbers spoke of 60 thousand adhesions, reality counts much less. The trade associations dissociate themselves, but the protest speaks of a sector in difficulty that needs support. Ours too

"Wake Up! Italy reopens on January 15, without fear ". The new protest of the restaurateurs scheduled for Friday 15 January had started with "bellicose" intentions of civil disobedience: to open their premises by violating the closures imposed by the last Prime Minister's Decree. At the cry of the hashtag #ioapro, several restaurants had proclaimed they wanted to join. Or so it seems, because the numbers do not add up and the protest "from below" ends up turning out to be a political boutade. But with a clear message.

The numbers (that don't add up)

The self-proclaimed numbers on social networks and the press spoke of 60 thousand subscriptions. On the website,, the activities registered for the initiative are currently only 21 and on the Facebook page they reach almost 19 thousand likes. The hashtag on Instagram has been used a little more than 1000 times and scrolling through the posts in search of some well-known name there is only a video of Vittorio Sgarbi (who insults the Government and declares to open the municipality of Sutri of which he is mayor) and post not too covertly attributable to Salvini's League, which immediately supported the initiative proposed by some restaurateurs.

The direct with Salvini which triggered the protest

It all started a few days ago by Maurizio Stara, owner of a pub in Cagliari. "I no longer turn off my sign, I open," he wrote on Facebook. But the national interest is due to Umberto Carriera, "entrepreneur, chef and writer", as he defines himself on Linkedin, with six restaurants in Pesaro. It is he who relaunched the protest live on social media with Matteo Salvini, only to end up being interviewed by newspapers and televisions, by D'Urso and Door to door.

"48 Italian cities will be involved: citizens are asking us to reopen because they want to support us. We have fielded a task force of over 30 lawyers, ”said Carriera. But no denier idea. On the social networks there is in fact an "Autonomous DPCM", that is a Practical Decalogue of Motivated Merchants and which provides for compliance with the rules of sanitation and mask, closing at 9.45 pm and the use of half of the tables.

The trade associations dissociate themselves

The trade associations responded by dissociating without ifs and buts from the initiative. «We share the frustration and sense of disorientation of so many exhibitors, which can lead to radical gestures. But precisely to support them effectively, as a representative of the largest and most widespread sector in the entire country, we exercise our role and our responsibility. Our role is to defend the category and represent its real interests, enhancing them for their ability to contribute to the good and the future of the country , writes the Italian Federation of Public Shops. "If, following forced openings, a new peak in infections were to be recorded by chance, the entire category would be further damaged also from this point of view. Italians have always shown great attachment and closeness to their public establishments, but it would be difficult to sympathize with acts so distant from shared behavior. The risk is to undertake actions without history and without a future, which penalize everyone . This is echoed by Alfredo Zini, restaurateur and president of the Confcommercio Historical Enterprises Club at “Il Fatto Quotidiano”. «The protest is dividing the category of restaurateurs and this is absolutely not good. Protests must be made respecting the rules. In Milan over 3 thousand will be the public establishments that will raise the shutters and turn on the lights, while at the moment there are no more than twenty who will let customers in, at their own risk ”, he explained. "From the trade associations there is an invitation to maximum responsibility because one can also be heard in silence. The restaurateurs are not greasers and we have always respected all the protocols .

We help the industry, in our home

From Brescia to Rovigo the prefectures promise sweeping checks and sanctions. On social media you can read statements from chefs and restaurateurs who join the chorus of complaints about closures and missed refreshments, but publicly admit that they do not want to reopen illegally, for compliance with the rules and for fear of repercussions. Administrative and image: if many customers are close to restaurateurs as well as other entrepreneurs in difficulty, many more would not appreciate a gesture that risks endangering public health.
The restaurants are open, for delivery and take-away, and in this phase they can be helped in this way. At our home.

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