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Fresh salmon in 10 recipes

Scallops, stuffed salmon, foam and much more. Here is a selection of dishes to love salmon and … dare a menu

Good grilled, baked, steamed and even raw. When it comes to fresh salmon, there are many ideas and a high rate of gluttony. Delicate meats, softness and simplicity in the preparations: the salmon is a fish that also appeals to those who make the difficult with other fish products since its slices are almost without thorns and has a balanced taste that also appeals to those who do not like strong flavors. The recent sushi mania then, did nothing but increase its gastronomic value. After appreciating it on small nighiri, uramaki on the edge of the foodporn and reading tartare, we never abandoned it. But it is good, very good indeed, even Italian. Before discovering the perfect recipes to enhance it and cook it at its best, let's review some rules.

Where it comes from

The salmon we consume generally comes from the northern seas and the rivers that flow into it. To make sure you buy a good product, check that it is traced, ask if it is a fresh or defrosted, farmed or wild product.

How to choose fresh salmon

If bred, the salmon has a uniform color and soft flesh, a little fatter and therefore more tasty than the wild one. The best specimens are those bred extensively, in conditions that simulate natural ones and in full respect of the environment. Most of the farmed salmon sold in Italy comes from Norway, at the forefront of sustainable farming systems. To check its freshness, check that the skin is free of dents and damaged parts and covered with a damp and gelatinous patina. The eyes must be bright, the flesh well attached to the bone.

Eye to the raw

Anyone wishing to eat it raw must know that the bred Norwegian salmon is the only one that can be eaten raw and not cut down. In all other cases it should instead be brought to very low temperatures, to eliminate the risk of food contamination.

In the gallery above, 10 perfect recipes to taste fresh salmon.

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