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French toast, from America with love

The chips in the United States are called french fries. The point is not that they hurt or that – controdine! – do well. The point is? But are they French? No. Or at least they defend the Belgians. And the French Toast? Well … not even! Then it really was born in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, as – attention, attention! – the ice cream cone? No way! Already the word toast – which also indicates the homonymous, toasted sandwich – gives us a clue: it is not English at all, but comes from the Latin tostum, "Toasted", in fact. If we really have to give a passport to the French Toast, would be no less than that one Italian! Already because probably its first edition in history was the work of the ancient Romans …

His name, in fact, is multiple: ‘German toast’, ‘Spanish toast’, ‘nuns toast’, ‘poor Knights of Windsor’ … In France is called 'lost bread. Oppurand, honor to the merit, "bread alla Romana". But what is this? bread? Basically – not for nothing! – a mozzarella in a carriage, Italic pride, without mozzarella! It is true, however, that the French Toast we're talking about here is a gluttonous star and stripesIn the United States it spread via the United Kingdom, where it was undoubtedly appreciated since the sixteenth century.

They are the French cousins ​​who indicate with us the 'lost bread' the conceptual origins of this timeless recipe: don't waste bread old. Dip it in something that makes it soft again and then season it. But in short, what do we do with this bread? Well, we pass it on eggs beaten with milk and a pinch of salt and fry it in butter! Simple, isn't it?

Number 1, therefore: the bread. Nowadays we use the loaf of bread (which is extra-large in the USA) but the choice of bread will determine the consistency. De gustibus: from the rustic farmer to the brioche, more or less soft, with or without crust, there is no limit to Providence. No.2: the milk. The more creamy it is, the greedier it is … You can try alternatives to the cow one: goat rather than coconut. No. 3: the eggs. Good ones. And then butter: this is not the time to skimp. IS the seasoning, sweet or salty? The advice is: both! First one, then the other and then maybe one more, in a different version!

The French Toast is thebreakfast icon American, especially those of the holidays, when you don't have to splash at work and you can take the time to enjoy this simple delight and experience it in every conceivable version. Yes, because if the classic of classics is it Maple syrup, a fanciful one honey rather than a platoon of jams – maybe homemade, see … – they will do good for us! And then dried fruit and Dried fruit butters . From peanut butter to toasted hazelnut cream … (&chocolate? Shame, just thinking! Well, be aware that US citizens sometimes accompany them with whipped Cream. And by default a sprinkling of icing sugar!

And then the savory versions: very large space to cheeses (in Italy we have goats that would be wonderful to us!). And the cold cuts? Oh yes, starting from bacon. Well, know that there is a stuffed version of the French Toast. That is. They take two French Toast, in the middle we put a filling and then put it in the oven for finishing. A great classic is the 'Montecristo', a sort of mozzarella in a Californian carriage in which in addition to cheese (not mozzarella, of course) there is a slice of pork or turkey ham, all sautéed in the egg and … fried!

With the French Toast us coddle and there fun: invent the strangest and most daring versions! For example, in the beat dyou can already add the eggs spices and flavors to your taste: from oregano to cinnamon, from pepper black to vanilla (or both together!). We can roll it up and use it as a cannolo or cannelloni – with maybe just ricotta inside, and candied fruit – or spinach! We can do one tower of French Toast. We can combine it with festive treats like the smoked salmon rather than a pistachio cream. Or taste it in all his luxurious simplicity, very warm, soft, crunchy and delicious!

Carola Traverso Saibante
December 2019


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