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five recipes that satisfy all tastes – Italian Cuisine

Ideal for an aperitif or a quick meal, here are five ideas for preparing them vegetarian, with meat or fish

The rolls in the kitchen have always been considered a series B dish. There is nothing more false! In fact, they adapt to many recipes tasty and can satisfy even the most refined palates. With the meat, with the vegetables, baked or pan-fried, of rice, grilled, there is no limit to the fantasy when it comes to rolls. We choose 5 very different recipes to make you understand how versatile and tasty a recipe can be roulade!

Baked spring rolls

They are a variant of the classic recipe of the spring rolls of Chinese cuisine that are fried. This recipe, with the baking, does not detract from the taste of the dish and will allow you to prepare a lighter dish.


10 sheets of filo pastry
120 g of carrots
garlic and onion
250 g of savoy cabbage
120 g of bean sprouts
extra virgin olive oil
soy sauce


Start by spreading the dough and pass a little water mixed with oil on top to make it more sticky. Prepare the stuffing of your rolls by frying the garlic and onion in a little oil, then add the carrots, the finely sliced ​​cabbage and the bean sprouts. Add soy and cook the whole mixture for about 10 minutes. Divide the dough into rectangles and fill them with two tablespoons of preparation, then close them being careful to seal the rolls well. Season with a little oil and cook in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 °. Remove them from the oven when you see them well golden on the surface. Serve them with soy sauce or a spicy sauce.

Meat rolls with spinach spinach

The filling of spinach spinach will give the rolls creaminess and taste and will allow you to eat a bit of vegetables even for the little ones in a tasty and easy to prepare dish.


4 slices of veal or chicken
200 g of spinach
20 g of butter
garlic and onion
grated cheese (pecorino or grana)
cream (optional)
salt, pepper – to taste


Prepare the spinach and cook them in a pan where you have already browned garlic and onion with melted butter. Cook for about 8 minutes and then let them cool. Spread the slices of meat on a baking sheet and marinate them with oil, salt and pepper. Spread the spinach on the meat and add the grated cheese. Roll up the slices, close them with a toothpick and flour them. Now cook your rolls in the pan with a little oil until they are golden brown. If you want you can add the cream to make your dish even creamier, remember to do it 5 minutes before the skewers are ready. Before serving, when they are still hot, sprinkle on some more cheese and bring them to the table.

Salmon rolls, cream cheese and olives

The rolls of salmon and cream cheese are a great alternative when you have little time and need to prepare a appetizer tasty and delicate. It will take a few minutes and you will make a great impression with your guests.


10 slices of smoked salmon
80 g of smoked salmon for the filling
200 g of Philadelphia type cream cheese
Sesame seeds
salt, pepper and oil


Start by preparing the filling of your salmon rolls. In a mixer put the cream cheese, a little oil, the chopped salmon, the olives without stones, salt and pepper. Mix until you have a unique compound. Fill the salmon slices with the cream you have prepared and close them by forming a roll. Season with a little oil and sesame and place in the fridge. Before serving, let it rest outside the fridge for at least 10 minutes.

baked spring rolls

Vegetarian rolls with rich filling

Who said that the rolls must contain meat? This delicious recipe proposes a totally vegetarian variant with lettuce or cabbage to act as a wrapper and lots of excellent vegetables as a filling.


1/2 yellow pepper
1 zucchini
leek or chopped shallots
cabbage or lettuce in leaves
sweet cheese
grated Parmesan cheese
salt, oil


Prepare the stuffing of vegetarian rolls in a fairly large pan with olive oil. Fry together the peppers, the cut zucchini and slices, the leek (or shallot) and radicchio. When it is cooked put it in a bowl and add the cheese into cubes. Boil the lettuce or cabbage leaves and place them in a pan on top of the baking paper. Fill each vegetable leaf with the mixture and close it on itself with a toothpick. Season with oil and salt and cook for 10 minutes in the oven at 160 ° not before having dusted with plenty of Parmesan.

Stewed rolls with potatoes

The stewed rolls with potatoes are a second dish easy to prepare and with a strong taste. You can choose the meat you like best and a choice of stuffed ham, cooked ham or speck with the melted cheese that will give the dish the right creaminess and potatoes that will, as always, be the perfect side dish.


6 slices of veal or chicken
6 slices of ham, raw or speck
150 g Emmenthal style cheese or smoked scamorza cheese
100 g tomato sauce
500 g potatoes
salt and black pepper
1 onion
White wine
extra virgin olive oil


Roll out the slices of meat and marinate them with oil, salt and black pepper. On each slice place the ham and the cheese, roll it up and close it with a toothpick. In a pan with high sides cook the rolls after melting the butter with the onion over high heat for about 5 minutes. At this point add the white wine and add the meat. When all the wine has evaporated, add the potatoes cut into pieces and add the tomato puree. Cook the rolls for about 15 minutes, adding some warm water, then remove the meat from the heat and let the potatoes cook for another 40 minutes. When the sauce is well removed, add the rolls to finish cooking for another 5 minutes on a low heat and stir in the meat with the potatoes. Put the rolls on the plate with the potatoes and enjoy!

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