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Fettuccine alla Romana | Delicious Recipes

They are one of the flags of the gastronomy of the Capital, one of the cornerstones of its cuisine. Fettuccine Alla Romana They are delicious and cheap. Along with the bacon and egg or to thetomato and baconis one of the most requested and appreciated sauces by those who visit the Eternal City. A triumph of colors and flavors, a dish that literally makes your mouth water with its irresistible aroma.

How to make fettuccine alla Romana

The delicious ones Fettuccine Alla Romana they are prepared by working together flour, eggs and salt to form a homogeneous mixture that, after half an hour of rest, is spread out, flattened and cut into one centimeter strips. Then the chicken giblets must be cleaned, washed in vinegar and diced, a soffritto is prepared with mushrooms, onion, ham fat, garlic, oil and tomatoes, it is blended with a little wine and then the fettuccine are seasoned, boiled in abundant salted water. Here are the steps.

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