Festivals in Tuscany in July not to be missed – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Festivals in Tuscany in July not to be missed

The whole program is in the funny name. It’s impossible not to understand what you can taste at the Sagra della Ranocchiocciola: the undisputed protagonists of the event are, in fact, frogs and snails. We are in Massarosa, Lucca, and the second part of the festival will be from 18 to 28 July (the first from 5 to 14). Elisa Santini from the Fratres Association, a group of local blood donors who organize it, tells us about it. “It’s in the Sterpeti park, in a well-equipped area. There’s a fixed structure with kitchens and then a tent with tables and a dance floor where you can dance both smooth and disco music to meet everyone’s tastes.” Speaking of tastes, here, we were saying, you can eat fried frogs and stewed snails, but also cacciucco, mixed fried food, tordelli with ragù (typical Lucca tortelli), grilled meat and then tarts and ice cream.

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