Ever tried goose cotechino? – Italian Cuisine

Ever tried goose cotechino?

Pure goose cotechino does not exist. Or rather, there is only one, the Jovial, the only pure goose cotechino. In this period the cotechino cannot be missing: it is the symbol of our Christmas tradition and is always particularly appreciated. But lifestyles change and you would like to surprise your guests with a different cotechino: just search the web to find a goose cotechino where, however, the percentage of goose meat is really low and pork is instead predominant, but 20% goose is certainly not enough to transform a pork cotechino into a goose. Cotechini in which the lightness and elegance typical of goose meat is not found because the pig is too aggressive and completely destroys the unique characteristics of the goose.

The name cotechino derives from the use of pork rinds in the dough. We therefore refer to the cuts used in production. And one of these, the rinds, characterized the product and also gave it its name. And then in a dough of pure goose as in which there is no pork and therefore there are no rinds, why call it cotechino? To recall a soft and gelatinous product of this period studied for five years by a craftsman from Oca Sforzesca, a specialized company in the Vigevano area: if there are no rinds, how can we obtain the cotechino structure? By combining different goose cuts with different cooking techniques.

Thus was born the Gioviale, a pure goose without pork, 100% Made in Italy, traditional in respect of the best recipes of Vigevano and without swallowing (gavage). Light and fragrant thanks to the use of only goose meat, soft and basically gelatinous thanks to the special vacuum cooking, it is ready for use in a comfortable vacuum-sealed aluminum bag to be easily taken in a water bath.

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