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Eggplant fried with honey: the Andalusian recipe

From Cordova to Malaga, in Andalusia they do so! Here's how to prepare the traditional berenjenas con miel, aubergines with Spanish "honey"

Eggplant fried with honey, nothing strange. In Andalusia they are called berenjenas with miel and they are eaten just like this: lightly floured, fried and sprinkled precisely with miel. More precisely, it is about miel de caña: even if its name derives from the Latin mel (which means honey), it is not really the classic honey of bees, but one molasses which is obtained from the processing of cane sugar.

It is certainly not the first time that the aubergine is successfully combined with sweet flavors (how can we forget the eggplant parmigiana with chocolate typical of Campania?). But this dish is not just an alternative idea for a dessert, since in Spain it is served in the premises of tapas or how side dish.

Berenjenas con miel: the recipe of fried aubergines with honey

This dish lends itself very well to a appetizer special or one theme evening: preparing them at home is easy!

First of all, if you don't find the miel de caña, you can use other types of honey, maybe dark ones like the chestnut honey or the honeydew honey, with a slightly more bitter taste.
Eggplants must be cut into strips, but you can also cut them into thin rounds for a crisper result. Consider about one medium eggplant for every two people.

Ingredients for 4 people

2 Eggplants
Miel de caña or honey
Fry oil
Salt to taste


First wash the aubergines, dry them well and cut them into strips without removing the peel.

If you have more time, you can cover them with salt and let them rest for about half an hour in a colander with a plate on top. In this way they will lose some of their water and become more crunchy. Furthermore, their typically bitter taste will be muted.

Rinse the aubergines and pass them in a little flour. Heat the oil and fry the aubergines, a few at a time, turning them on all sides.

Dry them well with absorbent paper to remove excess oil. Serve the berenjenas very hot, sprinkling them with honey.

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