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Eating pasta is better than not eating it

According to a study, pasta would improve the quality of nutrition in adults and children. Furthermore, the consumption of pasta, in women in particular, would be associated with less fat on the waist circumference

More nutrients, less saturated fat and less added sugars: the quality ofsupply of those used to consume pasta it would be better than those who don't eat it. The discovery is of one research published in August in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition and led by Yanni Papanikolaou, a researcher at the University of Toronto and vice president of the research firm Nutritional Strategies.

More nutritious thanks to pasta

The study examined the association between the consumption of pasta and the intake of nutrients in 323 children and teenagers up to 18 years and in 400 adults over 19, all resident in the United States. The data collected showed that the average food quality of those who ate pasta was better: the daily intake of saturated fats is added sugars it was lower, while there was a greater contribution of important ones nutrients such as folate, iron, magnesium, fibers is Vitamin E.

Does pasta make you fat? It seems not

On the other hand, no significant differences emerged with regard to calories total daily and the intake of salt, nor associations between pasta consumption with body weight and the body mass index in children and adult males. Indeed, in the adult women, the consumption of pasta was associated with a lower body weight and less fat around the waist. According to the authors' conclusions, therefore, the study provides preliminary evidence that pasta can be included as part of one healthy diet in children and adults and that eating a portion of pasta proportionate to their needs daily can have benefits for public health.

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