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The differences between fresh and smoked salmon and how much to eat if you are following a low calorie diet

Let's start with a certain news: go toall you can eat and ordering different dishes based on rice, salmon, sauces and fritters cannot be a light move. Rather. You will be amazed to count the calories taken on one of the many evenings of Japanese inspiration that you have granted yourself by ordering without hesitation from the generous menu (as detailed in the article below).

But what happens when we only talk about salmon? To understand if it can be considered a light food or not it is necessary to make some premises. The most important is that raw salmon and smoked salmon have different values ​​and calories. This happens because the parts chosen to smoke the salmon are the leanest and most valuable.

Smoked salmon

Let's start with the lightest of the family. For the smoking, the leanest parts of this fish are selected and they bring about 150 kcal per 100 g when it worked like this. To report the nutritional proportions: 25% protein, 4.5% fat. The real nutritional risk related to the consumption of smoked salmon is related tohigh sodium concentration. Before being smoked, the fillets are put in salt and absorb it in large quantities. If we are following a diet and aim at draining results, then, we must take this critical aspect into consideration, which is instead absent in fresh fish.

Fresh salmon

As mentioned above, in this case the fish appears in its most natural form and the processing is limited to a cold treatment to avoid the proliferation of parasites. Here the reference values ​​become: 190 kcal per 10 grams of which 19% protein and 12% fat. These indications are obviously different from fish to fish, but they help us to have a general idea about this product.

Good fats

Salmon is a very fat fish and yet its fats are often considered good. But what does it mean? In detail, the defined good fats belong to the polyunsaturated category and they are also essential sayings. Our body is unable to synthesize them and this is what differentiates them from the dangerous category of saturated fats (contained in red meat, but also in butter).

In conclusion

As we saw in the previous paragraphs, salmon contains more calories than other foods suggested by diets (such as beef fillet), but it has nutritional characteristics so interesting as to make it suitable as white meat. The greater presence of omega3 and the absence of sodium also make it more appropriate to use fresh salmon, although more caloric than smoked salmon. To avoid nullifying its properties and controlling the nutritional aspect of this food, we recommend cook it grilled or steamed by simply seasoning with a splash of lemon.

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