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Our solution to the dilemma that plagues many greedy and curious people and the recipes to better enjoy chocolate. Or the chocolate

The most widespread term in the world to call chocolate or chocolate is chocolate. But in Italy the richness of language often complicates things. In fact, the male and female version of the term is widespread in our country, but it is not clear to many which is the right one. And judging by the history of this name, every doubt is legitimate.
THE'italianization of chocolate spanish indeed it has had multiple phases. In the seventeenth century the most widespread form was chocolates to which were added later chocolate, chocolate is chocolate. We find these names also in the IV Crusca (1729-1738) where they are collected in a single voice. In the twentieth century, however, the question becomes dialectical. Chocolate is used in Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania and Sicily. Lombardy is the only one to choose chocolate, while the chocolate form survives in Sardinia.

As it often happens when two different forms are accepted, two different meanings were then given to the words chocolate and chocolate. In 1849 the Gherardini in Italian Lexicography, 2nd edition, proposed: «Since we have at our disposal so many ways of writing the word itself, I would like to assign one to mean the pasta, and I would say the chocolates; another I would use to signify the drink made with it pasta, and I would say the chocolate".

Even Migliorini in the fifth edition of Vocabulary of Academics he concluded his essay by saying: "Keep in mind the enormous diffusion, in almost all of Italy, of the form chocolate for the drink; and see on the other hand how uniform the industrialists use shape chocolate for the preparation in tablets: in advertising notices we read almost constantly chocolate. The use of the two forms is historically very justified, and on the other hand the difference between chocolate in the cup is chocolate in tablets (or in powder) is functionally useful; the diffusion that it now has in the industrial field makes us believe that it is destined to establish itself generally ".

Here are some simple considerations to simplify the solution to the chocolate or chocolate dilemma?
The common use of the terms (still considered synonymous) suggests theuse of chocolate when meaning the hot drink and of chocolate to identify tablets and other forms of food derived from cocoa beans.
So we will say:
Would you like a cup of steaming hot chocolate?
I would like to drink hot milk chocolate.
I bought a bar of dark chocolate.
We prepare a chocolate cake.

And now that everything is clear, why not enjoy chocolate and chocolate?

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