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Desserts with peaches: 5 recipes without oven

From cheesecake to tiramisu, and then mousse and semifreddo: how to prepare delicious summer desserts with peaches (and with macaroons, almonds, cream) without having to light the oven

Fishing, one of the sweetest and tastiest summer fruits. There are those who prefer it soft and juicy and with velvety skin and who more crunchy and with a smooth skin. Whatever your favorite, besides eating it as fruit, we suggest you use it for the preparing your summer desserts so as to make the most of it this season.

We therefore propose to you recipes easy and fast that do not require long and laborious preparations and that everyone will like. Above all, very important note, to achieve them it is not necessary to switch on the oven, which doesn't hurt when temperatures are very high like in summer!

You can use the quality of fishing you prefer. Maybe avoid those too ripe if not for the preparation of smoothies, smoothies and mousses. The nectarines instead they lend themselves very well to artistic decorations.
Remember to wash well the fruits before using them and remove the peel, unless it is a very hard nut fishing.

Here are some ideas for a peach-based desserts greedy and fresh to prepare in minutes and to be consumed cold.

Peach cheesecake

This cheesecake is completely revisited compared to the classic recipe, but we assure you that it will be a success. We like to think of this dessert served in single-portion glass jars.
Prepare the base by mincing shortbread biscuits, simple or with cocoa, along with a handful of almonds. The cream will not be the classic one made with isinglass, but a simple mix of cream cheese and sweetened whipped cream in the same quantities. Add to the cream also peaches cut into cubes and decorate each jar with thin slices and a mint leaf.

Tiramisù peaches and macaroons

A dessert that will amaze everyone because instead of the classic tiramisu Savoiardi we will use the Amaretti biscuits which go very well with the taste of peaches. Wet them with rum flavored milk and then prepare the cream as usual with mascarpone, eggs and sugar. You can also skip the pan-fried peaches with butter and sugar if you want a caramelized taste, but if you don't feel like time, you can also use good natural soft peaches. Sprinkle the surface of the cake with a cocoa and cocoa mix or decorated with grains of macaroons.

Filled peaches

For this dessert you need pretty hard peaches because they must be cut perfectly in half to contain a delicious filling. Every half in practice will become a sort of cup. You can cook peaches on a plate on the side of the pulp or you can dip them in a syrup of boiling water and sugar for a few minutes, but you can also use them raw and consume them as finger foods if they are small. Put in the center of each peach a spoonful of sweetened ricotta flavored with cinnamon and decorated with mint leaves.

Peach mousse

Only three ingredients for a delicious dessert that is easy to prepare. Just leave soak peaches with sugar for about an hour later blend them and mix them slowly with whipped cream. Serve with one grains of macaroons or with drops of dark chocolate. Avoid nectarines in this recipe, or choose ripe and juicy peaches and peel them off.

Peach parfait

In practice we prepare an ice cream, but without ice cream maker and also in this case we will use only three ingredients. That's enough slowly mix 500 ml of whipped cream with 250 g of condensed milk and add only one at the end peach puree prepared by blending very ripe peaches with sugar. Place the mixture in a plum cake mold and leave itin the freezer for two to three hours. Before serving the semifreddo, pull it out of the mold and cut it into slices. Decorate it with the chopped pistachios.

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