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Dark chocolate: 10 "good" reasons to never do without it

Protects against certain diseases, helps blood circulation and is a formidable ally in the event of a bad mood. Here are the ten amazing properties of dark chocolate

In some diets, considering mainly his high calorie content, is definitely banned. Yet the dark chocolate, or the one with higher percentages of cocoa 70%, can really help human well-being. But not only: it is an important food to keep reactive and to increase one's learning. And the credit is mainly from his flavonoids, natural chemical compounds common in higher plants. Translating, they are powerful antioxidants useful to ensure optimal functioning of the liver, immune system and capillaries, also contributing to the prevention of numerous diseases, such as cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Thanks to their important presence in dark chocolate, it is therefore possible to take care of your body with flavor. A strong taste and to which it is objectively difficult to resist. Containing a good amount of fibers (3.2 g every 40g), of carbohydrates, sugars and proteins, dark chocolate is also slightly less caloric than milk chocolate (206 Kcal versus 2018). And the quantities related to are certainly good iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Beyond the purely nutritional values, however, not giving up dark chocolate and indulging in a few bars of flavor and health even a single day a week has several very valid reasons. Here are ten.

10 good reasons (in gallery) and 5 recipes (below)

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