Cracco recipes: 25 dishes to make at home – Italian Cuisine

Cracco recipes: 25 dishes to make at home

Carlo Cracco's "everyday dishes": 25 chef's recipes that you can easily prepare at home

These Cracco recipes can also be prepared in your kitchen. First dishes, meat, fish and obviously – eggs: in the gallery above you can find some of the Cracco's best recipes to amaze your guests.

How do we know that these dishes are also perfect for home cooking? In the special issue released in October 2020, directed by the chef himself on the occasion of the #LaCucinaItalianaGoesToUnesco project, we have reinterpreted some of his recipes so that they can be easily replicated at home, thanks to available ingredients and cooking techniques ready to become part of the everyday life. But what are these dishes about?

Cracco's recipes to make at home

As Carlo Cracco argues, everything speaks in the kitchen, if you listen to it: each food has its history, its strength, its characteristics. If they are understood, they can be exalted and transformed making the best of them.
"Cooking is a gesture of love: I do it every day at the restaurant, I also do it for my family, even when I prepare simple things, vegetables, little meat, some special risotto for the children , he says. “We have dinner together at home, before starting the service at the restaurant. It is almost a ritual, a moment of ours, intimate, of sharing". This is the spirit that animates Carlo Cracco's recipes: ideas and suggestions to dedicate oneself to loved ones through cooking.

What awaits you in our collection are traditional recipes with an extra touch, starting with the most popular first courses, such as pasta and beans or i tortellini in broth. The intriguing preparations with theegg, an iconic ingredient for the starred chef: our collector's number sees it on the cover with an egg instead of a nose. An idea of ​​Toiletpaper designed to celebrate the chef's passion for this ingredient with irony. Cracco's recipes reinvent and transform the egg into a noble ingredient. First of all, you can't miss its famous marinated yolk.

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