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Carlo Cracco is about to disappear

In Dinner Club, soon on Amazon Prime Video, the starred chef will travel the world with some famous people and together they will create the perfect dinner

After the farewell to Masterchef, the program that made it famous to the general public, Carlo Cracco he had stated on several occasions that he wanted to take a break from TV. Perhaps, however, he was referring to television in the most classic sense of the term because since then we have seen him participate in a Netflix format, while – news of these days – in 2020 the chef will be the protagonist of a program of Amazon Prime Video.

The streaming service of video on demand Amazon has indeed announced new original content with several Italian stars including, in fact, Cracco who, in step with the times, proves to be able to ride the revolutionary moment of digital TV.

Dinner Club: traveling to get the perfect dinner

Dinner Club, this is the title of the program produced by Banijay Italia, will be a culinary travelog: the starred chef will embark on a journey with six famous Italian actors and comedians across the Japan, Vietnam, France, Spain, Peru and Mexico to discover exotic culinary art with the aim of learning from the best chefs in the world to make the perfect dinner.

«The reason why I chose to be a chef is because I liked to travel, to discover different territories and traditions. This program is a return to the origins because it allows you to discover some of the most incredible gastronomic wonders of the world, on a fun trip with a group of special friends who have nothing to do with cooking, "said Carlo Cracco. «My goal will be to transform them into real taste professionals, capable of creating one perfect themed dinner.

From production they want to clarify that the classic cooking show will certainly not be. "Irony and adventure define the tone-of-voice of the program, halfway between a trip and a classic dinner with friends ", said Fabrizio Ievolella, chief executive officer, Banijay Italy. «A varied and brilliant cast that will renew every episode and the authoritative guide of chef Cracco will lead us to discover the best of international food, in a lively exchange of ideas and culinary pleasures.

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