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Coronavisrus: reasoned shopping list for 14 days

Coronavirus aside, shopping for a week or two is a convenient and functional way to save money, plan meals and not waste. Here is the reasoned list of indispensable things, to avoid waste and thinking that we are not alone in having to stock up

Supermarkets stormed throughout the past weekend in Milan (and beyond). The fear of contagion or a possible quarantine, or even the need to have to stock up a little while having the children at home for several days, has made Milanese people unleashed on the shelves, and this could also happen in other cities. The first signs in this sense come already from the rest of Lombardy, but also from Veneto, Piedmont and, paradoxically, also from cities and regions where there have been no cases of positivity to the Covid-19 coronavirus.
But, apart from the quarantine hypothesis, it can be convenient at times to organize for a slightly more important escort than usual, so what does it really make sense to buy for about two weeks of meals at home? Here are our tips and our shopping list with basic necessities and conveniences to be able to stock up without exaggerating and without risking wasting.

Spending for two weeks: advice

1. Needless to panic. Before shopping, two basic operations are necessary, which in the normal course of our existence we would do: check what we already have at home and prepare a list of what is missing. Simple isn't it?
2. Think about a weekly menu and rely on it, but be prepared to choose products for a healthy improvisation.

Shopping list for two weeks (for 4 people)

The inevitable at home

Extra virgin olive oil



Flour 0

00 flour

Dry yeast

Baking powder


Bitter cocoa

Basic list

Pasta: 8 kg;

Tomato sauce 3 liters

Ready-made sauces, including Genoese pesto, 4 jars

Cooking cream 3 small packs



Dry biscuits (min.2 packs)

Eggs (3 packs of 6 eggs)

4 packs of 1 liter milk

Bread (if you can freeze you can take 4-5 kg), otherwise choose the bread in the box

Dried legumes (4 half-kilogram bags of chickpeas, cannellini beans, lentils, etc.)

Tuna in oil


Potatoes (2 bags, to be kept in the dark)

Dehydrated fruit (apricots, plums) and / or in syrup

Fresh ingredients

Sliced ​​in bags (1 kg)

Grana Padano or Parmesan cheese

Mozzarella (2 packs of 6)

Other fresh (ricotta, stracchino) or semi-aged cheese (2 packs)

2 packs of smoked bacon

2 rolls of puff pastry

8 slices of chicken breast

1 whole chicken

1 roast

8 burgers or slices of veal / beef

seasonal vegetables: right now therefore cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli are perfect, be careful to consume the most perishable ones, such as broccoli and salads first, and to keep beyond that cabbage and cabbage, which resist more (from 6 to 8 kg)

parsley (deteriorates quickly, but you can freeze it)

apples (2 kg)

pears (1 kg)

oranges (2 kg)



In Milan (and in general in Italy) water is drinkable and in any case not transmits viruses. Water supplies are sensible only in places where that of the Mayor – as they say – is not drinkable.

Frozen foods

Frozen peas (1 pack)

Frozen minestrone (2 packs)

Frozen spinach (1 pack)

Cod or other frozen fish (2 kg)

Other things needed

Toilet paper

Sanitary pads and / or diapers (for babies and the elderly)

Liquid soap (and more for personal hygiene)


Household cleaners (good surface disinfectant, dishwashing detergent, washing machine detergent required)

What about our pets?

Don't forget about it. Dry and wet food for dogs and cats, land for litter, feed for canary, hamster, red fish, turtle …

Obviously, feel free to add to this list the kinds of comfort that you feel you need most, but remember that you are not the only ones who have to do the shopping.
Ah, and common sense cannot be bought.

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