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Afraid of getting sick? Is there anything we can do to make our immune systems more responsive?

In the meantime, it should be remembered that a rested and un stressed body is stronger than that of those with rhythms of life that do not allow you to recover your energy.

The stress, in fact, it stimulates the production of cortisol, a hormone that, if it reaches excessive levels, can cause weight gain, insomnia and above all immune system malfunctions.

So the first tip is to try and reduce stress.

Then an excellent help to strengthen the body certainly comes from a healthy, correct and, in extraordinary cases, even a little targeted diet.

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A varied diet

169716First of all, for a correct prevention and a prompt recovery, the diet. More nutrition varies Possible is the first tool we have to stock up on all the elements necessary to preserve our health. Nutrition can support ours natural defenses and favor the intestinal well-being, organ on which the well-being of the whole organism depends.

Fill up on antioxidants

157845One of the most important elements in this regard are antioxidants.
There vitamin C (all foods rich in Vitaina C), as the Vitamin E, it is very important for our body.
In particular it is capable of strengthen us against viruses and bacteria. It is present in many foods, such as rucola, kiwi, oranges, broccoli, peppers.
Vitamin E, even if it accumulates in the body and therefore its supply should not be a problem, is very unstable, so it is easily dispersed. This is why we must take this into account, as we do not miss dried fruit, vegetable oils, wholemeal flours.

Minerals and fibers

169749Minerals and fibers are also essential.
Selenium is zinc they are two very useful minerals. If it is more difficult for selenium to identify the foods that contain it, because much depends on the soil, for it zinc instead we can say that legumes, cereals, dried fruit, fish and meat they are excellent sources of supply.
The fibers instead they feed ours good bacteria and contribute to the well-being of our intestines. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables must always be present in our diet because they improve the intestinal bacterial flora, or our health.

Use the oldest remedies

152877A simple and ancient cure (a bit like lemon) that proves to be very effective against the normal evils of the season, such as cough, cold is sinusitis, without side effects.
Are the suffumigi, also called garments, or inhalations of hot vapors, which give immediate relief in situations of stuffy nose or parainfluenza symptoms. The reason is simple; breathe in the vapors of boiling water in fact it facilitates fluidization nasal secretions e clears the respiratory tracteven more if essences or medicinal medicinal plants are mixed with hot water, which amplify its effects, creating effective synergies.

The best known and most widespread combination is that with baking soda or with coarse salt, why decongest the respiratory tract, "disinfecting”The nasal mucosa. Boil a pot full of water and add two tablespoons of baking soda, breathing in the hot vapors for about 10/15 minutes, covered with a towel to prevent heat loss.
However, depending on the prevalent symptoms, the choice of specific plants it can be functional to counteract the most annoying problem and improve general health.

For example, if the sensation of nasal closure prevails, the dense secretions, sinusitis, eucalyptus may prove to be one of the most effective essences. In fact, it has remarkable properties expectorant, balsamic is antibacterial. It can be found easily in the pharmacy, in the form of vials or effervescent tablets to be dissolved in boiling water, for inhalations, often accompanied by other balsamic essential oils, such as pine, rosemary.

If, on the other hand, the most annoying symptom isinflammation, it can help to use plants with proven results anti-inflammatory action, such as the mallow or soothing, like the chamomile. Flowers can be used, to be mixed directly in the water, or a few drops of essential oil, at one's discretion. Finally, if it is the cough that disturbs the most, the thymus can be the ideal choice. It is an excellent antiseptic and an effective remedy to calm the cough and relieve congestion in the respiratory tract.

The positive aspect of the suffixes is that they do not present particular contraindications or undesirable effects, although it is always better to ask your doctor during pregnancy and if other medications are taken at the same time. But one must arm oneself with patience, because it is a gentle therapy in which it is through constancy that results are obtained. Two / three suffumigi per day are essential to "unlock" the situation.

Elisa Nata
January 2019
updated in February 2020
by Barbara Roncarolo

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