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Gluten-free meal with red rice

Scafati was the first municipality to prohibit its marketing by bakeries and grocery stores. It also happened for the zeppole

This year the pastiera will have to learn how to make it at home: in Scafati, in the province of Salerno, as well as in other municipalities in Campania that have followed his example, it has been prohibited the sale of the sweet symbol of Easter and the Neapolitan tradition. Are pastry shops (as well as restaurants, bars, pubs and ice cream parlors) closed due to the coronavirus emergency? And then the mayor Cristoforo Salvati decided that "bakeries, delicatessens and grocery stores" (remained open because they sell basic necessities) will not compete with them: they will not be able to market "fresh pastry products".

"The provision was necessary in light of the numerous requests that came to my attention regarding the possibility of the sale by the bakeries of desserts with cream and other pastry products," explained the first citizen in his order, "considering that, with the approaching of the feasts of Holy Easter, it is tradition to consume particular types of sweets such as zeppole and wheat pastiere . Bakeries, delicatessens and grocery stores are authorized to produce only bread, breadsticks, rusks, taralli: in short, all products considered essential. And offenders will be punished with a fine of up to 500 euros.

Campania, compared to the rest of Italy, has a different one position, more rigid, about home deliveries: according to Vincenzo De Luca, president of the Region, they can be "tools for spreading the infection".

The other prohibited foods

The ban had already affected the famous zeppole di San Giuseppe, which are prepared for Father's Day and which have been declared "not of primary necessity" in various municipalities of Campania: four pastry chefs from Marano di Napoli were reported by the police, who discovered the open pastry shop and a home sales network.

On the other hand, in Rome the tightening concerns pizza: the bakers should not market the stuffed one, but only the simple red pizza (with tomato and oil) and the white one (topped with oil and rosemary), at least according to the circular sent to the agents of the Local Police of Rome Capital. It would not be a real imposition, but a "suggestion" to avoid gatherings: according to the Office of Normative Studies, in fact, a certain type of pizza, the one with mozzarella, vegetables, cheeses, ham, potatoes, for example, could entice people to consume inside the room and create dangerous gatherings.

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