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Cooking school: panna cotta, how to prepare it

Panna cotta is a perfect dessert for all occasions and all seasons: find out how to prepare it with the advice of our chefs!

Panna cotta is made from four ingredients: fresh cream, sugar, vanilla and isinglass. But how to put them together in the best way? Follow all the tips of our chefs at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana, step by step!

How to make panna cotta?

Start to soak fish glue sheets in cold water. Then in a saucepan heat over low heat cream, sugar and vanilla pod previously scraped. After a few minutes, remove from the heat and dip the drained, squeezed and rehydrated fish glue sheets, about 16-18 grams per liter. Finally, fill a mold with the mixture, keep in the fridge to firm and … how about trying to flavor it?

Flavoring in progress

You can flavor your panna cotta with what you prefer, such as spices, herbs or fruit purees. If so, proceed as follows: filter with the sieve to remove the solid parts, or make layers, but remember that it is essential to let the panna cotta cool first. And be careful that the spilled liquid does not exceed 30 degrees: it could melt the previous layer!

Old style panna cotta

Did you know that in the past the panna cotta was made to thicken with the egg whites of theegg? All the ingredients were combined and brought at 70 degrees so that the egg whites coagulate.

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

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