Cooking school: grapefruit, how to use it in the kitchen – Italian Cuisine

Cooking school: grapefruit, how to use it in the kitchen

Compared to other fruits, alas, grapefruit suffers from an inferiority complex. Accused of having a very bitter, strong and sour taste, in which the dessert does not dominate at all, it has a much more limited use in the kitchen. Yet, the high content of vitamin C makes it an excellent ingredient, very healthy and beneficial for our body. Let's see how we can use it so that its apparent defect becomes a pleasure for the palate!

Grapefruit as an appetizer

For imaginative and "digestive" appetizers try cutting the grapefruit in half and sprinkling it with gin: a real delight to conquer your guests with a different dish than usual. Alternatively, you can also create very chic and stage cups: divide the grapefruits in half, obtain the pulp without breaking the skin and use them as a container for your aperitif. Inside you can decide to put anything, from a nice shrimp salad and cocktail sauce to a simple chicken stew.

Grapefruit as a "seasoning"

Proceed as follows: remove the peel from your grapefruit and cut it with a very thin sliced ​​blade knife. Once the slices are ready, add them to any type of salad, such as the simple one of parmesan and rocket: you will feel how wonderful this touch of exotic to the usual courses! It also goes well with second courses, better if cold, such as raw ham, bresaola or smoked swordfish.

Grapefruit in the pastry shop

In the dessert sector, grapefruit is used both in refined citrus mousses and for the production of jams, cakes and sorbets, excellent both mid-meal and at the end. In fact, unlike lemon, grapefruit does not close the stomach and therefore it also prepares well for the next course. Seeing is believing!

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

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