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Sweet Little Rain: coffee with the cloud of cotton candy

If a cloud rained in the middle of the coffee …

The most famous coffee of the moment is in China and is called Sweet Little Rain, or small sweet rain. The invented Mellower Coffee, a cafe of Shangai, and is already touring the world (on Instagram).

Sweet Little Rain: that's what it is

What is it? Nothing strange, it's very simple American coffee. The peculiarity is not in the coffee, but above: there is no need for sachets or sugar cubes, the cup is served with a soft cloud of cotton candy suspended above it. The heat of the drink slowly melts the cloud, sweetening the coffee and giving it a special sweetness.

Sweet Little Rain: coffee with the cloud of cotton candy

All this for 58 Chinese Yuan, which corresponds to 7.51 EUR, a rather high figure even for Shanghai standards, but which today many are willing to spend for a click like catch.

The idea seems to have worked: the hashtag #sweetlittlerain is going crazy on social media and the queue to enter the club and order the exclusive coffee seems to be getting longer and longer.

When photographing food is more important than consuming it

Sweet Little Rain seems to be made to be photographed and published on Instagram, but beautiful does not necessarily mean practical.

Among those who have tried it, some have complained about the size of the cloud: being rather large, the sugar that melts does not only fall inside the cup, but also around it, on the spoon and on the table. Before posting, watch out for sticky fingers on the smartphone screen!

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